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Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Robert McCunn and Andrew Murray

in 12 games on a consecutive weekly basis. The biggest differences between the collegiate and professional games are that collegiate athletes are not paid a large salary (rather, scholarship and stipend allowances), they are involved in full-time education, and are subject to NCAA compliance laws

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Kylie McNeill, Natalie Durand-Bush and Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre

they were also more likely to hold a paid coaching position than thriving coaches. These findings support those of Knight and colleagues ( 2013 ) who showed that receiving a salary was related to greater perceived stress among Canadian coaches, as was the expectation to work more than 40 hours per week

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Fernando Santos, Martin Camiré, Dany J. MacDonald, Henrique Campos, Manuel Conceição and Ana Silva

incompatible training schedules. The seven coaches included were certified, coached on a part-time basis (i.e., devoted approximately nine hours per week to coaching), and did not earn a salary for coaching. Please see Table  2 for additional participant information. None of the participating coaches had any

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Mustafa Sarkar and Nathan K. Hilton

fluctuation, even when faced with pressure/setbacks/adversity. Specifically, being driven by multiple intrinsic (e.g., searching for learning opportunities, exposure to challenging environments) and extrinsic (e.g., winning Olympic medals, being paid a fair salary) motives appeared to protect coaches from

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Stiliani Ani Chroni, Frank Abrahamsen, Eivind Skille and Liv Hemmestad

on.” Second, the sports directors arrange for necessary resources by “fighting for resources,” for what the coaches want (e.g., salary, equipment, staff, other resources). Sport Director D stated, “They have the control and then they have my support. I tell them that my job is to stand up and support

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Alexander David Blackett, Adam B. Evans and David Piggott

, supplementing their playing salaries. This was not an issue which was grounded in the football participants’ data as their coaching experiences were mainly voluntary ones all set within their club’s youth academies. Even when Charles was just about to be appointed as a specialist position coach on a part

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Jordan D. Herbison, Luc J. Martin and Mustafa Sarkar

, really. Whether it be for ice time, money . . . the team only has so much money for salaries. You want them to do well, but you want them to do well so the team does well, so you do better. You don’t really care how they’re doing—it’s a tough dog eat dog world in the NHL. It’s tough, but you have to take

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Kim C. Graber, K. Andrew R. Richards, Chad M. Killian and Amelia Mays Woods

faculty members are underrepresented in higher education, are more likely to be hired at a lower salary, and are prone to work at less prestigious institutions ( August & Waltman, 2004 ). Further, female faculty members are more likely to experience stress associated with balancing work and family roles

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Tom Mitchell, Adam Gledhill, Mark Nesti, Dave Richardson and Martin Littlewood

). Twenty years on from the work of Parker ( 2001 ), it seems that these challenges are still prevalent within the modern game. With specific regard to wealth , the average annual salary of a Premier League player is now in excess of £2.6 M ( Sporting Intelligence, 2017 ), with the U.K. national average

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Pete Van Mullem and Chris Croft

typically make advancement moves (i.e., coaching stops) for promotion (i.e., salary and rank) and to acquire professional skills in preparation for a head coaching position. Wei and Lee ( 2017 ) examined the impact of hiring networks and the movement of coaches up and down competitive levels in collegiate