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Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Kyle B. Heuett, Tarkington J. Newman and Shea M. Brgoch

and points spreads were assessed, with additional focus on external situational variables. The researchers collected the university’s football game statistics through the athletic department’s website to use as secondary data. Game statistics included win/loss record, game length, actual point spread

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Brian A. Eiler, Rosemary Al-Kire, Patrick C. Doyle and Heidi A. Wayment

to the perpetrator or situational variables. While sports participation may provide some resistance against the negative outcomes of sexual abuse, it is difficult to extricate whether these indicators are the result of participation in sport, or other factors (see McGinley, Rospenda, Liu, & Richman

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Steven Love, Lee Kannis-Dymand and Geoff P. Lovell

), loss of self-consciousness was significantly and positively correlated to non-judging to thoughts ( r 2  = .27), and autotelic experience shared a significant, small and positive relationship with lack of cognitive confidence ( r 2  = .26). As for the situational variables, experience had a significant

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Matthew Katz, Bob Heere and E. Nicole Melton

influence of club image and fans’ motives . European Sport Management Quarterly, 6 , 1 – 22 . doi: 10.1080/16184740600799154 Belk , R.W. ( 1975 ). Situational variables and consumer behavior . Journal of Consumer Research, 2 , 157 – 164 . doi: 10.1086/208627 Berger , J. , & Heath , C. ( 2007

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Daniel M. Smith and Sarah E. Martiny

; promotion focus), others try to avoid performing worse than others (performance-avoidance goal; prevention focus; e.g., achievement goal theory by Elliot & Church, 1997 ; regulatory focus theory by Higgins, 2000 ). Note that the approach on which a person focuses is also influenced by situational

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Valérian Cece, Noémie Lienhart, Virginie Nicaise, Emma Guillet-Descas and Guillaume Martinent

confirm the present results using samples of adult athletes of distinct competitive levels (e.g., recreational, professional). Finally, it would be useful to examine variables that may influence changes in motivation across the season, such as personality, social-contextual variables, or situational

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Peter Olusoga, Marte Bentzen and Goran Kentta

.1123/jsep.21.2.113 10.1123/jsep.21.2.113 Kelley , B.C. , & Gill , D.L. ( 1993 ). An examination of personal situational variables, stress appraisal, and burnout in collegiate teacher coaches . Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 64 ( 1 ), 94 – 102 . PubMed ID: 8451538 . doi:10