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Niek Pot, Margaret E. Whitehead and Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers

literacy and learning and teaching approaches . In M. Whitehead (Ed.), Physical literacy: Throughout the lifecourse (pp.  165 – 174 ). Abingdon, UK : Routledge . Higgs , C. ( 2010 ). Physical literacy—two approaches, one concept . Physical and Health Education, 76 ( 1 ), 6 – 7 . Husserl , E

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Chad M. Killian, Christopher J. Kinder and Amelia Mays Woods

unit designed and implemented by the lead researcher. Virtual hub, Edmodo, was the online platform used for student, team, and teacher communication, game design, posting game rules and diagrams. Purpose: “to compare how two different teaching approaches had an impact on students and their teacher” (p

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Pierre Trudel, Michel Milestetd and Diane M. Culver

the last decade ( Galatti et al., 2016 ). The emphasis on the student-coaches developing their reflective practice skills through the use of different teaching approaches and new reflective tools is of special interest because it differentiates the coach education programs in HE institutions and those

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Jian Wang, Bo Shen, Xiaobin Luo, Qingshan Hu and Alex C. Garn

between goal orientations for teaching of tertiary teachers and their teaching approaches in China . Asia Pacific Education Review, 16 , 537 – 547 . doi:10.1007/s12564-015-9392-7 10.1007/s12564-015-9392-7 Heine , S.J. , Lehman , D.R. , Markus , H.R. , & Kitayama , S. ( 1999 ). Is there a

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Ben D. Kern, Kim C. Graber, Amelia Mays Woods and Tom Templin

The process of teachers making pedagogical change in varying contexts is commonly referred to as teacher change ( Guskey, 2014 ). Pedagogical change is defined as alterations in “instructional resources, teaching approaches, and beliefs about pedagogy theory” ( Fullan, 2007 , p. 30). Teacher change

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Weidong Li, Xiuye Xie and Huanyu Li

parameters and make game decisions. However, it is unknown whether SGTSP can effectively impact these learning outcomes among students compared with other teaching approaches. Future research shall examine the effectiveness of SGTSP curricular model on students’ motivation, tactical decision making

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Christine Galvan, Karen Meaney and Virginia Gray

added, “By that I mean, we were there to teach the kids and prepare them for a 5K but I think we were learning just as much, just in a different way.” Amelia summed up her experience, Service-learning differs from other teaching approaches by having us use what we learn in the classroom to solve real

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Jing Dong Liu and Pak-Kwong Chung

to evaluate theirs teaching approaches which may directly influence their students’ affective experiences in PE class. A recent study conducted in Hong Kong within the context of PE revealed that students of those teachers who used more need-supportive and less need-thwarting motivational strategies

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Shirley Gray, Paul M. Wright, Richard Sievwright and Stuart Robertson

me. And so learning TPSR and implementing it, there’s a lot going on in your head. It’s like being a probationer and being in front of you class and learning the curriculum. Simon found it difficult to move from a teaching approach that focused on the development of movement skills. He found it a

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Yubing Wang and Ang Chen

teaching approach used in the SHL group which focuses on knowledge learning. Conceptual learning is believed to be able to drive peoples’ behavior or behavior change ( von Glasersfeld, 1995 ). It is argued that conceptual understanding of PA and fitness has the potential to impact and change students