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Matthew Pearce, Tom R.P. Bishop, Stephen Sharp, Kate Westgate, Michelle Venables, Nicholas J. Wareham and Søren Brage

bias if the studies that are included with optimal data have specific characteristics. Another approach to harmonization is to use validation studies which report the statistical (e.g., regression) models of relationships between values from the less precise methods and the latent true level of

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Christopher C. Moore, Aston K. McCullough, Elroy J. Aguiar, Scott W. Ducharme and Catrine Tudor-Locke

interpretation methods used in validating the rapidly growing range of step-counting wearable technologies. 7 This need is further highlighted by the fact that only ~5% of consumer step-counting devices have been formally validated. 8 A harmonized methodology for validating these devices would facilitate

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Javier Horcajo, Borja Paredes, Guillermo Higuero, Pablo Briñol and Richard E. Petty

with this message”; Tom, Pettersen, Lau, Burton, & Cook, 1991 ; see Briñol & Petty, 2008 for a review). Beyond influencing the thoughts that come to mind, recent research has shown that bodily responses such as head nodding can also validate a person’s thoughts. This metacognitive process of

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Miguel A. de la Cámara, Sara Higueras-Fresnillo, Verónica Cabanas-Sánchez, Kabir P. Sadarangani, David Martinez-Gomez and Óscar L. Veiga

GPAQ, 2 studies reported fair/poor correlation and large differences when compared with ActiGraph for measuring SB in adults. 20 , 21 However, this question has not been validated in older adults. High-quality measurement is essential in all elements of SB epidemiology, so that we can learn how SB may

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Adam Šimůnek, Jan Dygrýn, Lukáš Jakubec, Filip Neuls, Karel Frömel and Gregory John Welk

sufficiently sensitive measure to assess school-based PA promotion programs. Published recommendations call for youth to obtain 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day ( 34 ), with a quarter of steps expected to be achieved during the school day ( 13 ). Thus, specific efforts are needed to develop and validate

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I-Min Lee, Eric J. Shiroma, Kelly R. Evenson, Masamitsu Kamada, Andrea Z. LaCroix and Julie E. Buring

. To assess whether we would be able to use the data from the women without logs, we conducted a validation study ( Shiroma, Kamada, Smith, Harris, & Lee, 2015 ). Two blinded reviewers visually examined daily accelerometer output and judged whether the device was worn on a particular day (worn versus

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Alberto Flórez-Pregonero, Matthew S. Buman and Barbara E. Ainsworth

estimates of sedentary time ( Crouter et al., 2006 ; Lyden, 2012 ). Likewise, as monitor cut-points are specific to where they are worn, cut-points should be considered location-specific; it is unlikely that a cut-point validated for the hip will lead to accurate classifications at the wrist. Research

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Isaac Estevan, Javier Molina-García, Gavin Abbott, Steve J. Bowe, Isabel Castillo and Lisa M. Barnett

potential influence on children’s health trajectory ( Robinson et al., 2015 ). In order to be able to assess in the future whether there are differences in motor competence perception amongst children from different cultures, it is required to use a validated scale ( Marsh, 1996 ). Thus the primary purpose

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Jacob A. Goldsmith, Cameron Trepeck, Jessica L. Halle, Kristin M. Mendez, Alex Klemp, Daniel M. Cooke, Michael H. Haischer, Ryan K. Byrnes, Robert F. Zoeller, Michael Whitehurst and Michael C. Zourdos

statistical analyses (ie, no agreement statistics). 5 , 6 While the TWAS is reliable for peak velocity 7 and the Tendo Fitrodyne was validated for average velocity with an agreement plot versus a criterion, 2 these devices remain unaffordable for most practitioners. The Open Barbell System (OBS) LPT was

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Jian Wang, Bo Shen, Xiaobin Luo, Qingshan Hu and Alex C. Garn

, we adopted Butler’s theoretical framework ( 2007 ) to validate a teachers’ achievement goal instrument for teaching physical education. Achievement Goals Education researchers assume that individuals’ perceptions, strategies, and outcomes are highly associated with their constructions of the goals or