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Wei-Yen Li

model with localization experience about which I would like to learn. NBA China also follows the creative trend in initiatives (e.g., the NBA is trying to combine basketball with eSport, as well as involving virtual reality/augmented reality into NBA games), which I find interesting, and I could see

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John Goetschius, Mark A. Feger, Jay Hertel and Joseph M. Hart

Posture . 2010 ; 32 ( 1 ): 82 – 86 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2010.03.015 20418101 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2010.03.015 3. Teel EF , Slobounov SM . Validation of a virtual reality balance module for use in clinical concussion assessment and management . Clin J Sport Med . 2015 ; 25 ( 2 ): 144

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Alan L. Smith, Karl Erickson and Leapetswe Malete

contemporary safety hazards that will be anticipated and mitigated by future advancements in artificial intelligence. Virtual reality and wearable technologies may become enhanced in ways that not only provide movement and other data that supplement sport and activity experiences but also offer hedonic and

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Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz

sporting environment ( Grooms et al., 2018 ). Given that neuromuscular training programs may benefit from the addition of ecologically valid environments to help transfer clinical gains to the sporting environment, virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies might be of benefit ( Shultz et al., 2019

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Pawel R. Golyski, Elizabeth M. Bell, Elizabeth M. Husson, Erik J. Wolf and Brad D. Hendershot

) self-selected walking velocities were 1.10 (0.10) m/s, determined by increasing treadmill speed until participants felt they were walking at a “comfortable” pace. A repeated measures design was used, in which biofeedback of vGRI was provided while walking within an instrumented virtual reality

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A. Mark Williams and Bradley Fawver

spatial navigation in real-world contexts (see Figure  1 ). Advances in virtual reality and simulation technology should provide increased opportunities to develop paradigms where the exteroceptive and interoceptive demands of spatial navigation may be reproduced under controlled and reproducible

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Jonathan D. Connor, Robert G. Crowther and Wade H. Sinclair

global body displacement of a rugby player . The International Journal of Virtual Reality, 8 ( 4 ), 31 – 36 . Brault , S. , Bideau , B. , Kulpa , R. , & Craig , C.M. ( 2012 ). Detecting deceptive movement: The case of the side-step in rugby . PLoS ONE, 7 ( 6 ), 37494 . doi:10

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Ian McGinnis, Justin Cobb, Ryan Tierney and Anne Russ

is individualized based upon the patient’s dizziness profile and functional challenges. 1 , 3 , 9 Common exercise types and their modifiers are described by Alsalaheen et al. 3 The development of advanced technology has enabled some clinicians to create virtual-reality environments to immerse their

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Rob van der Straaten, Oren Tirosh, William A. (Tony) Sparrow and Rezaul Begg

coordination . J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci . 2005 ; 60 : 312 – 319 . PubMed ID: 15860466 doi:10.1093/gerona/60.3.312 15860466 10.1093/gerona/60.3.312 11. Baram Y , Miller A . Virtual reality cues for improvement of gait in patients with multiple sclerosis . Neurology . 2006 ; 66 : 178 – 181

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Nichola Callow, Dan Jiang, Ross Roberts and Martin G. Edwards

spatial and temporal locations as per a slalom task. The virtual reality display presented the driver’s view out through the front window of the car as if actually driving the car. Training and Experimental Phases Participants completed a 90-min training phase period where they had to achieve two criteria