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Xiangli Gu, Senlin Chen and Xiaoxia Zhang

; IOM, 2013 ; Lutfiyya, Garcia, Dankwa, Young, & Lipsky, 2008 ). The Hispanic children population also has a disproportionately higher obesity ratio than that of non-Hispanic Caucasian children ( Lutfiyya et al., 2008 ; Ogden, Carroll, Kit, & Flegal, 2014 ; Wong et al., 2012 ). Fundamental motor

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Fotini Venetsanou, Irene Kossyva, Nadia Valentini, Anastasia-Evangelia Afthentopoulou and Lisa Barnett

assess children’s perceived motor competence. The Pictorial Scale of Perceived Movement Skill Competence for Young Children (PMSC; Barnett, Ridgers, Zask, & Salmon, 2015b ) assesses young children’s perceptions of their competence in the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) included in the Test of Gross

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Pai-Yun Cheng, Hsiao-Feng Chieh, Chien-Ju Lin, Hsiu-Yun Hsu, Jia-Jin J. Chen, Li-Chieh Kuo and Fong-Chin Su

adults are prone to exert excessive force compared with young adults during object manipulations ( Diermayr et al., 2011 ; Ranganathan et al., 2001 ). Furthermore, older adults exhibit higher force fluctuations during constant force exertion ( Keogh, Morrison, & Barrett, 2006 ; Ranganathan et al., 2001

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Javier Raya-González, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci and Maurizio Fanchini

load and noncontact injuries in Champions League soccer players. 16 However, no research studies have investigated the aforementioned associations in young soccer players belonging to professional soccer academies—a relevant factor, because an injury at this formative stage can be decisive in their

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Lisa M. Barnett and Owen Makin

health behaviors. It has been hypothesized that young children engage in physical activity, thereby helping their movement skills develop, and in turn they develop positive perceptions of their movement skill competence ( Stodden et al., 2008 ). This process is seen as positive and cyclical, in that as

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Ryan P. Durk, Esperanza Castillo, Leticia Márquez-Magaña, Gregory J. Grosicki, Nicole D. Bolter, C. Matthew Lee and James R. Bagley

gut microbiota composition (F/B) and VO 2 max, body composition, or dietary intake among healthy young adults in a free-living environment. Materials and Methods This study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and approved by San Francisco State University’s Institutional

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Anat V. Lubetzky, Daphna Harel, Helene Darmanin and Ken Perlin

 al., 2000 ). “Sensory reweighting” was demonstrated by a decreased entrainment to a visual stimulus ( Hwang et al., 2014 ) when healthy young adults were presented with an increased amplitude of that stimulus. Peterka ( 2002 ) found that, unlike healthy adults, patients with bilateral vestibular loss did

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James Hackney, Jade McFarland, David Smith and Clinton Wallis

extremity reaching task in 250 repetitions. Emken and Reinkensmeyer ( 2005 ) found that for walking under novel inertial conditions, healthy, young adults could recover their previous walking kinematic leg patterns in 7.3 ± 2.1 steps. However, we were able to find little published research describing how

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Phillip D. Tomporowski and Daniel M. Pendleton

activity on motor learning may depend on the temporal relation between the exercise bout and task training. Roig et al. ( 2012 ) observed that young adults who performed an intense 20-min cycling bout either prior to or following acquisition of a tracking task demonstrated better retention performance than

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Kari Stefansen, Gerd Marie Solstad, Åse Strandbu and Maria Hansen

In this paper, we explore coach-athlete sexual relationships (CASRs) from the perspective of young athletes, with the aim of adding to the evolving research on CASRs as a contested social phenomenon. Our starting point is what we see as two conflicting images of such relationships in contemporary