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Samuel R. Heaselgrave, Joe Blacker, Benoit Smeuninx, James McKendry and Leigh Breen

Birmingham (#ERN-16_1084) in accordance with the seventh version of the Declaration of Helsinki. All participants gave informed written consent to participate. Study Design Participants were randomly allocated to a low (LOW; n = 17), moderate (MOD; n = 15), or high (HIGH; n = 17) weekly RT volume group

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Diana Castaneda-Gameros, Sabi Redwood and Janice L. Thompson

second phase employed semi-structured interviews to further explore key factors influencing PA behaviors and participant’s views on the link between PA and frailty. The ethical review committee of the University of Birmingham granted approval for the study (reference no. ERN_13-0557). Written informed

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Neil Armstrong and Jo Welsman

. Stature was measured by using a Holtain stadiometer (Holtain, Crymych, UK); body mass was determined by using Avery balance scales (Avery, Birmingham, UK); body mass index (BMI) was calculated as body mass·stature −2 (ie, kg·m −2 ), and participants coded into the categories “overweight” and “not

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Bradley J. Cardinal

’s Health. Kinesiology Review, 5, 87–97. doi:10.1123/kr.2015-0057 2016 Kathleen M. Armour University of Birmingham, United Kingdom Armour, K.M. (2017). Pedagogical cases: A new translational mechanism to bridge theory/research practice gaps in youth physical activity education (PAE). Kinesiology Review

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Ben J. Lee and Charles Douglas Thake

dioxide and O 2 content, using a calibrated Servomex infrared and paramagnetic gas analyzer, respectively (model 1400; Servomex, Crowthorne, UK), and gas volume, via a Harvard dry gas meter (Cranlea, Birmingham, UK). At the end of each exercise period, the rating of overall and peripheral (legs

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Alaaddine El-Chab and Miriam E. Clegg

stadiometer (Seca, Birmingham, UK), and body composition was measured using the Tanita BC-418 (Tanita, Middlesex, UK) body composition analyzer. The participants then completed two submaximal exercise tests followed by a VO 2max test. The first submaximal test consisted of walking at a steady pace of 5 km

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John McCleve, Luke Donovan, Christopher D. Ingersoll, Charles Armstrong and Neal R. Glaviano

.1177/0269215509102954 10.1177/0269215509102954 19447844 38. Birmingham T , Kramer J , Inglis T , Mooney C , Murray L , Fowler P , Kirkley S . Effect of a neoprene sleeve on knee joint position sense during sitting open kinetic chain and supine closed kinetic chain tests . Am J Sports Med . 1998 ; 26

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Melissa Pangelinan, Marc Norcross, Megan MacDonald, Mary Rudisill, Danielle Wadsworth and James McDonald

outside the local area, 10–13% obtain positions in larger cities within 150 miles of Auburn (e.g., Birmingham, Montgomery, Columbus, Atlanta). A minority of students obtain opportunities outside of Alabama or Georgia. Although the internship coordinator and academic advisors maintain a repository of

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Jonathan S. Goodwin, Robert A. Creighton, Brian G. Pietrosimone, Jeffery T. Spang and J. Troy Blackburn

, Birmingham TB , Dombroski CE , et al . Combined effects of a valgus knee brace and lateral wedge foot orthotic on the external knee adduction moment in patients with varus gonarthrosis . Arch Phys Med Rehabil . 2013 ; 94 ( 1 ): 103 – 112 . PubMed ID: 22995151 doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2012.09.004 22995151

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Emma L. Sweeney, Daniel J. Peart, Irene Kyza, Thomas Harkes, Jason G. Ellis and Ian H. Walshe

questionnaires, they were issued with a 3-day food diary, actigraphy watch, and 7-day sleep diary. Body mass and stature were measured using balance scales (Seca, Birmingham, United Kingdom) and a free-standing stadiometer (Seca). Stature was measured to the nearest 0.1 cm and body mass to the nearest 0.1 kg