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Nicole C. George, Charles Kahelin, Timothy A. Burkhart and David M. Andrews

.1080/02640414.2014.1003583 19. Kouchi M , Mochimaru M , Tsuzki K , Yokoi T . Interobserver errors in anthropometry . J Hum Ergol . 1999 ; 28 : 15 – 24 . PubMed 20. Mueller WH , Malina RM . Relative reliability of circumferences and skinfolds as

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Pedro Gómez-Carmona, Ismael Fernández-Cuevas, Manuel Sillero-Quintana, Javier Arnaiz-Lastras and Archit Navandar

and programs were found. It is important to note that there were no significant differences in the anthropometries of the players who participated in the 2 preseasons (height: 182 [4] [CPP] vs 182 [4] cm [IRTPP], weight: 76.3 [4.2] [CPP] vs 75.8 [4.1] kg [IRTPP], and body mass index: 23.0 [1.2] [CPP

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Jinger S. Gottschall, Bryce Hastings and Zachary Becker

activation of the core, it is not as easy to increase the activation of the primary muscle groups during this body weight exercise. Stated simply, the intensity and muscle activity during a push-up is limited by body weight as well as anthropometry. However, it is not impossible to increase muscle activation

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Amy R. Lewis, William S.P. Robertson, Elissa J. Phillips, Paul N. Grimshaw and Marc Portus

Extremity Dynamic Model 40 was used to calculate the muscle forces required for wheelchair propulsion using OpenSim software. 41 This model was designed to represent the anthropometry and muscle force–generating characteristics of a 50th percentile adult male. The model and marker placements can be

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Ghazaleh Azizpour, Matteo Lancini, Giovanni Incerti, Paolo Gaffurini and Giovanni Legnani

Highway Traffic Safety Administration ; Available through the National Technical Information Service; 1975 . 9. Armstrong HG , Haley J . Anthropometry and Mass Distribution for Human Analogues. Volume I: Military Aviators. Final Report . New Orleans, LA : Naval Biodynamics Laboratory ; 1988 . 10

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Antoine Falisse, Sam Van Rossom, Johannes Gijsbers, Frans Steenbrink, Ben J.H. van Basten, Ilse Jonkers, Antonie J. van den Bogert and Friedl De Groote

by 43 muscles per leg. Marker information from a standing calibration trial was used to scale the OpenSim model to the subjects’ anthropometry using OpenSim’s Scale tool (see Tables S1 and S2 in Supplementary Material [available online] for the marker pairs used to scale the segments’ dimensions

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Hyunjae Jeon, Melanie L. McGrath, Neal Grandgenett and Adam B. Rosen

: 26535232 doi:10.1177/2325967113492707 10.1177/2325967113492707 26535232 32. Gaida JE , Cook JL , Bass SL , Austen S , Kiss ZS . Are unilateral and bilateral patellar tendinopathy distinguished by differences in anthropometry, body composition, or muscle strength in elite female basketball

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John Strickland and Grant Bevill

, Niederer PF , Muser MH , et al . Trauma Biomechanics . 2nd ed . Berlin : Springer ; 2007 . 24. National Aeronautics and Space Administration . Man-Systems Integration Standards (NASA STD-3000): anthropometry and biomechanics . . Accessed

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Bryan R. Picco, Meghan E. Vidt and Clark R. Dickerson

data for comparison, although a benchmark is unavailable 5 for sex-specific scapular kinematics. Characteristics of male and female anatomy, including anthropometry and segment masses, 6 quantity of skeletal muscle mass, 7 and muscle activation patterns, 8 may contribute to different scapular

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Anthony C. Santago II, Meghan E. Vidt, Xiaotong Li, Christopher J. Tuohy, Gary G. Poehling, Michael T. Freehill and Katherine R. Saul

individual’s anthropometry using the static trial. Inverse kinematics were then performed for each task to calculate joint kinematics for the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Joint kinematics were filtered with a zero-phase filter using a custom Matlab (The Mathworks, Natick, MA) program. 8 Movement