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Judy L. Van Raalte, Lorraine Wilson, Allen Cornelius and Britton W. Brewer

the mask with the water level above the eyes and then clearing the mask, and removing the mask, waiting 1 minute, and replacing and clearing the mask On arrival for each pool training sessions, participants changed clothes, retrieved equipment from the SCUBA storage closet, assembled gear on deck, and

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Robert Kennedy

fans and supporters. The editors of the book, Marcus Callies and Magnus Levin, have assembled a fascinating collection of work addressing an intersection of language and context that is of itself a growing area of interest for linguists. The contributions—which consist of 11 chapters written by a total

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Edson Filho

in juggling. Juggler 3 (J3) was 29 years old and had 7 years of experience in juggling. To perform the interactive task described below, the jugglers were assembled into three different dyadic teams (i.e., J1–J2, J1–J3, J2–J3). Noteworthy, dyadic juggling has been used as a platform to study shared

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Jason W. Lee, Ryan K. Zapalac, Elizabeth A. Gregg and Courtney Godfrey

, and faculty. SHSU offered traditional sports including flag football, softball, soccer, and basketball, as well as more non-traditional activities, such as tailgate games and even quidditch. Each semester, the intramural staff assembled a schedule that allowed the students to compete in various

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Jamee A. Pelcher and Brian P. McCullough

collaboration. They also need to identify select stakeholders to serve as the core of the green team ( McCullough et al., 2018 ). Team members can be added as sustainability efforts expand and become more diverse. Once a team is assembled, there can be challenges to achieve results. Interpersonal issues within

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Derek T. Smith, Tannah Broman, Marcus Rucker, Cecile Sende and Sarah Banner

efficient advising in kinesiology that aspires to Winston’s goal, the American Kinesiology Association convened a preworkshop session in 2019 titled “Advising in Kinesiology: Challenges and Opportunities.” This session assembled academic advisors in kinesiology across all faculty and staff ranks

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Gregory W. Heath and John Bilderback

to conduct focus group interviews in both south and east Chattanooga communities. The results of these focus group interviews along with health-specific data and other social and demographic administrative data were assembled into a report in support of the RWJF grant submission in early 2010. 7

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Joseph J. Crisco, Nikolas J. Osvalds and Michael J. Rainbow

square retroreflective markers (13 × 13 mm). Testing was held indoors at the Brown University Athletic Center (Providence, RI) over a 2-day session. A portable batting cage was assembled (15.2 × 3.0 × 4.3 m) on the gymnasium floor. A pitching machine (Iron Mike MP5; Master Pitching Machine, Kansas City

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R. Dale Sheptak Jr. and Brian E. Menaker

) to assemble a “portfolio of jobs” that offer little to no long-term economic security. The modern colloquialism for this type of worker would be “gig workers” ( Kessler, 2018 ). Kessler broadly describes gig workers as those who work without any guarantee of steady hours or benefits. This phenomenon

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Seth T. Strayer, Seyed Reza M. Moghaddam, Beth Gusenoff, Jeffrey Gusenoff and Kurt E. Beschorner

(eg, the hallux). Thus, ulcers in the heel are considered a viable candidate for this type of insole. The model was then imported and assembled in ANSYS ® Workbench. The bone and insole components were modeled using linear elastic, homogenous, and isotropic material properties (Table  1 ). The soft