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Christopher C. Moore, Aston K. McCullough, Elroy J. Aguiar, Scott W. Ducharme and Catrine Tudor-Locke

Bassett et al 94 described previously, several definitions of a step have been proposed to reflect the anticipated natural variations in step execution that might occur under free-living conditions. Although the studies assembled herein were all treadmill based (and not free living), we still identified

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Adam D.G. Baxter-Jones

assemble in fair and equal competition ( Khosla, 1983 ). When studying the heights for women of eight new sports at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Khosla found that female rowers were above average height, and even among the tall, it was the taller and heavier who won medals. Similar results were found in

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Janet Lok Chun Lee and Rainbow Tin Hung Ho

inclusion of senior-friendly fitness stations in parks might explain the difference in older adults’ PA between the two places ( Duan, Wagner, Zhang, Wulff, & Brehm, 2018 ). The current study has assembled rich contextual data on the experiences of Hong Kong older adults in using the EFCs within the city

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Alan L. Smith

Structures: Pathways to Physical Activity Promotion? As we consider how emerging knowledge on peers in physical activity settings can be translated to physical-activity-promotion efforts, the well-worn proverb “birds of a feather flock together” warrants consideration. If peers assemble in ways that are

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Jill Whitall, Nadja Schott, Leah E. Robinson, Farid Bardid and Jane E. Clark

before they can run. Thelen ( 1986 ) proposed the concept of a “rate-limiting” constraint, which refers to the constraint or control parameter that is the slowest developing component from which a behavior is assembled and a developmental change occurs. Thelen proposed eight potential constraints for the

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Matthew Juravich, Steven Salaga and Kathy Babiak

quality of the playing talent assembled is positively associated with winning, as a single All-NBA player is estimated to be worth almost 10 additional wins per season. The right-hand column of Table  3 displays results that illustrate the relationship between GM characteristics and the efficiency of

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Chad Seifried, Chris Barnhill and J. Michael Martinez

question is the following: (d) What does knowledge creation look like at different career stages (i.e., student, nontenure track, tenure track, tenured) and within different institution types? Methods This exploratory analysis assembled data centered on the relationships between knowledge creation

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Ang Chen, Bo Shen and Xihe Zhu

the school population. The funding permitted the researchers to assemble a curriculum-writing team to create the intervention curriculum. The team consisted of expert teachers and scientists in kinesiology. The funding supported them to work for 4 weeks during the summer to develop the curriculum

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Roger Baines

principal contexts for live tweets: live press conferences where a manager or a player speaks to the assembled press and live matches, which will be the focus here: “There was certainly pressure to translate them quickly during matches as, if there’s been a goal, the fans need to know fast!” (Translator 3

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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

, media members, and other stakeholders more advance notice of the campaign. In interviews with athletic department staff members and football student-athletes, it seems that the campaign was assembled in a short time period, which might have hindered its reach. For example, campaigns may be aided by a