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Paula B. Costa, Scott R. Richmond, Charles R. Smith, Brad Currier, Richard A. Stecker, Brad T. Gieske, Kimi Kemp, Kyle E. Witherbee and Chad M. Kerksick

, fat, and protein in grams (g) and normalized to body mass. EA was computed in units of kJ/kg fat-free mass (FFM) based on Loucks et al. 3 Resting Metabolic Rate Resting metabolic rate was assessed using indirect calorimetry (TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Measurement System; ParvoMedics, Murray, UT). All data

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.6 kg/m 2 ). RMR (indirect calorimetry, fasted state), VO 2max (graded treadmill exercise test with spirometry), body composition (dual x-ray absorptiometry), and PAL (combined heart rate and movement sensor) was determined. Group differences were tested by independent t -tests and Mann

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and VO2peak, (utilising indirect calorimetry), venous blood sampling, cardiac scanning, strength (1-RM bench press/back squat), power (force velocity profile) and total mood disturbance (TMD) via a profile of mood states (POMS) assessments were made at regular intervals. Training consisted of specific

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Coen C.W.G. Bongers, Dominique S.M. ten Haaf, Nicholas Ravanelli, Thijs M.H. Eijsvogels and Maria T.E. Hopman

on exercise performance. 26 Worst-Case Scenario We recognize that estimating VO 2 and metabolic heat production using standard equations 16 , 17 could lead to a potential measurement error. A more robust design would undoubtedly include indirect calorimetry to quantify the rate of VO 2 ; however

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Christopher C. Webster, Jeroen Swart, Timothy D. Noakes and James A. Smith

trial. He was blinded to all performance cues beside time during the sprints and distance during the TTs. Substrate oxidation rates were calculated using indirect calorimetry (Quark CPET; COSMED, Rome, Italy). 5 The submaximal test and TTs were performed in the laboratory using his own bicycle mounted

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Nattai R. Borges, Aaron T. Scanlan, Peter R. Reaburn and Thomas M. Doering

indirect calorimetry system (TrueOne 2400 ; Parvo Medics Inc, Sandy, UT), calibrated to manufacturer’s instructions prior to each test. Ventilatory thresholds (VT1 and VT2), 7 , 8 maximum HR (HR max ), VO 2 max, and PPO were determined from the maximal cycle exercise test. VT1 and VT2 were determined by

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Francisco J. Amaro-Gahete, Lucas Jurado-Fasoli, Alejandro R. Triviño, Guillermo Sanchez-Delgado, Alejandro De-la-O, Jørn W. Helge and Jonatan R. Ruiz

morning type). The resting metabolic rate was measured by indirect calorimetry during 15 minutes in peaceful and relaxing room (temperature: 22.6 [0.7]°C; humidity: 44.5% [6.1%]). After that, a maximal walking speed protocol on a treadmill (H/P/cosmos pulsar; H/P/Cosmos Sports & Medical GmbH, Nußdorf

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Edward A. Gray, Thomas A. Green, James A. Betts and Javier T. Gonzalez

calorimetry equations of Jeukendrup and Wallis ( 2005 ). Statistical Analysis A priori sample size was calculated using the running capacity data ( d  = 1.84) from Maunder et al. ( 2018 ). N  = 5 would provide 95% statistical power with α = .05. Therefore, eight participants were recruited in each experiment

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Ed Maunder, Andrew E. Kilding, Christopher J. Stevens and Daniel J. Plews

indirect calorimetry (TrueOne2400; ParvoMedics, Sandy, UT), as well as convective fan cooling (∼3.2 m·s −1 ). Workload increased by 35 W every 3 minutes until the respiratory exchange ratio reached 1.0. Capillary blood samples were obtained in the last 30 seconds of each stage and analyzed for lactate

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Arthur H. Bossi, Wouter P. Timmerman and James G. Hopker

. PubMed ID: 1645211 1645211 8. Lansley KE , Dimenna FJ , Bailey SJ , Jones AM . A ‘new’ method to normalise exercise intensity . Int J Sports Med . 2011 ; 32 ( 7 ): 535 – 541 . PubMed ID: 21563028 doi:10.1055/s-0031-1273754 21563028 10.1055/s-0031-1273754 9. Lusk G . Animal calorimetry