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Emily A. Hall, Dario Gonzalez and Rebecca M. Lopez

MM: role conflict. Benefits of AM: Role congruency. Barriers of AM: Role strain and work-life balance. ATs in TM had significantly greater stress scores, lower salary ranges, worked more hours, and reported more job dissatisfaction than ATs in the MM. Role congruity: 92% of participants were aware of

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Stephanie M. Mazerolle, Christianne M. Eason and Ashley Goodman

Professionals in several health care fields, including athletic training, have reported work overload, burnout, and work-life conflict. 1 – 3 These professional issues have been attributed to job demands, expectations associated with the role of the health care provider in sport organizations, and

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Carrie S. Baker and Gary B. Wilkerson

security is affected by the expectations of coaches and athletic directors. 1 , 3 , 4 A conflict of interest is inherent when health care providers are forced to balance the best interests of the athlete with the expectations of nonmedical administrative personnel, who prioritize team success. 1 , 5

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. 85 3. What was the most highly scored work-family conflict scale item? a. “I often have to miss important personal and family events because of my job.” b. “The demands of my job interfere with my family life.” c. “The demands of my job interfere with my personal life.” d. “Things I want do at home

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Iraj Derakhshan

ambidexterity as humans are either right or left hemispheric in their laterality of motor control. Acknowledgment The author declares no conflict of interest and dedicates this commentary to the tender memories of his sister (Farkhondeh Derakhshan) and mother (Rebecca Derakhshan). References Derakhshan , I

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Vincenzo Ricci and Levent Özçakar

paraspinal muscles in order to plan for a prompt rehabilitation program and return to play. Acknowledgments The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. No funding was received. This research did not receive any specific grant from funding agencies in the public, commercial, or not

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Shota Tanaka, Hiroki Ueta, Ryo Sagisaka, Shuji Sakanashi, Takahiro Hara and Hideharu Tanaka

quality of CPR may be lower, whereas removal of protective equipment may be needed if a higher CPR quality is needed even though equipment removal may delay the time to the first compression. In order to address this conflict, we aimed to determine whether protective equipment is a barrier for quick

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Eric D. Merritt and Julianne D. Schmidt

; and (6) the apparent conflict of interest between the authors of the manuscript cited and this letter to the editor. Finally, we would like to make the crucial point that no single assessment should be used to diagnose a concussion or determine whether or not a concussed athlete is recovered. Whether

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Jennifer M. Medina McKeon and Patrick O. McKeon

student to see why he revised his abstract after I approved it. I also noted that there was a conflict of interest here and was about to contact the chair of research abstracts in order to recuse myself from scoring this abstract. It wasn’t until the analysis that I realized that this actually wasn’t my

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Stephen M. Glass, Christopher K. Rhea, Matthew W. Wittstein, Scott E. Ross, John P. Florian and F.J. Haran

not match previously recognized stimulus patterns and/or stored postural control strategies creates “sensory conflict” and can result in postural ataxia. 2 , 3 A well-researched example of sensory conflict occurs when an individual returns to a terrestrial environment after prolonged exposure to a