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Laurel W. Sheffield and Lauren A. Stutts

), length of time in the sport, history of athletic involvement, and any previous experience of sport-related injury ( Supplementary Material [available online]). Statistical Analyses Descriptive statistics, reliability measures, and a series of ANOVAs, correlations, and t -tests were conducted using the

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Anne Holding, Jo-Annie Fortin, Joëlle Carpentier, Nora Hope and Richard Koestner

?”). These measures were significantly negatively correlated with a Pearson correlation ( r (136) = −.47, p  < .001). Reasons for retirement We assessed athletes’ reasons for retirement by asking participants to select as many reasons as applied to their circumstance from a 15-item list supplied to us by

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Thomas D. Raedeke, Victoria Blom and Göran Kenttä

TLI > .95) were used to interpret model fit ( Brown, 2006 ). The internal consistency reliability of each measure was also examined. Preliminary analyses included descriptive statistics and bivariate correlations to characterize the sample. For the main data analyses, the multivariate study design

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Linda Corbally, Mick Wilkinson and Melissa A. Fothergill

sizes for post-intervention difference between intervention and control/comparison groups (RCT and non-randomized CT), or before-to-after intervention difference in cohort studies. For correlational analyses, we extracted r values for relationships between mindfulness outcomes and performance or

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Steven Love, Lee Kannis-Dymand and Geoff P. Lovell

much the participant agrees with the given statement, with higher scores represent higher levels of mindfulness. The FFMQ-SF has shown acceptable model fit, strong correlations to the original FFMQ and good reliability, displaying alpha’s ranging from .75 to .87 ( Bohlmeijer et al., 2011 ; Baer et

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Fleur E.C.A. van Rens, Erika Borkoles, Damian Farrow and Remco C.J. Polman

1.00 4.29 Overload in School 2.22 .89 1.00 5.00 Ambiguity 1.53 .51 1.00 3.00 Conflict 1.90 .64 1.00 3.67 Underload 1.28 .43 1.00 3.33 Average score on RSQ-JA 1.90 .43 1.00 2.80 Significant low to moderate negative correlations were found between all components of role strain, and the total life

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Rosanna Gilderthorp, Jan Burns and Fergal Jones

conditions and suggested that there would be a negative correlation between IQ and level of additional functional disability. Hypothesis two related to the idea that IQ is not directly linked to sporting performance, whereas physical or sensory impairments will impact adversely on sporting performance

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Andrea S. Hartmann, Florian Steenbergen, Silja Vocks, Dirk Büsch and Manuel Waldorf

disorders and body dysmorphic disorder are estimated by the use of published or calculated cut-offs (for Reliable Change Index methodology, see Jacobson & Truax, 1991 ). Furthermore, Pearson correlations were computed between DTS, DLS, and DMS scores, and three one-sample t-tests were calculated in order

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Brian A. Eiler, Rosemary Al-Kire, Patrick C. Doyle and Heidi A. Wayment

, discover, analyze Network Analysis We employed network analysis to examine the underlying relationships between affect, trust, power, well-being, and post-traumatic growth (VIS only). We computed bivariate correlations between each of the language indices and retained significant ( p  < .05) positive

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Robert C. Hilliard, Lorenzo A. Redmond and Jack C. Watson II

community adults across three English and Dutch samples. The English version had high internal reliability (α = .86) and a correlation of .98 with the full SCS. Subscale alphas were more variable, between .54–.75. Thus it was recommended for use only when authors are interested in measuring the total score