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Megan Q. Beard, Samantha A. Boland and Phillip A. Gribble

sessions for each individual participant. One examiner marked all the participants for proper and consistent placement of the HHD. The mark was placed 5.08 cm proximal from the distal end of the moment arm. The distal end of the HHD was placed in line with the mark. 4 Data Processing All strength

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Anass Arrogi, Astrid Schotte, An Bogaerts, Filip Boen and Jan Seghers

count, was monitored by the multisensor SenseWear Pro3 Armband (BodyMedia Inc, Pittsburgh, PA). Daily step count was derived from raw accelerometer data processed by proprietary software (SenseWear Professional software version 7.0). Further SenseWear Pro3 Armband data processing was performed using SAS

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Hin Fong Leong, Wing-Kai Lam, Wei Xuan Ng and Pui Wah Kong

equipment and complex data processing procedures are often involved. This makes COP assessment an impractical option for the vast majority of basketball players outside the laboratory environment. Athletes and coaches are inclined to select footwear based on subjective evaluations instead. Thus

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Maria Priscila Wermelinger Ávila, Jimilly Caputo Corrêa, Alessandra Lamas Granero Lucchetti and Giancarlo Lucchetti

took into consideration criteria defined by the Guidelines for Data Processing and Analysis of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire ( IPAQ, 2005 ), which classifies levels of activity as Low, Moderate, or High. In order to realize that classification, the frequency and duration of

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Matthew Pearce, David H. Saunders, Peter Allison and Anthony P. Turner

Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) vigintile was defined using the full home postcode. 23 Data Processing Data processing was conducted using STATA (Stata/SE v12.0; Stata Corp, College Station, TX). In this study, a 10-second epoch was used due to limitations of the GPS device storage capacity. Each

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Ryan McGrath, Chantal A. Vella, Philip W. Scruggs, Mark D. Peterson, Christopher J. Williams and David R. Paul

-wear the accelerometer (n = 7) for a replacement day (totaling 10 d) if there were prolonged, unusual bouts of SB (including nonwear) or PA that could not be confirmed by participants through their log and discussions with investigators during laboratory visits. Accelerometer Data Processing ActiLife 6

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Anna C. Severin, Brendan J. Burkett, Mark R. McKean, Aaron N. Wiegand and Mark G.L. Sayers

ropes in place to reduce water turbulence. Data Processing This study followed conventions set by previous research and limited the analysis to sagittal and frontal plane data only as the accuracy of transverse plane data collected with inertial sensors has been questioned ( Fantozzi et al., 2015

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Malachy P. McHugh, Tom Clifford, Will Abbott, Susan Y. Kwiecien, Ian J. Kremenic, Joseph J. DeVita and Glyn Howatson

these numbers represent actual changes in jump mechanics or are systematic errors in accelerometer data processing. Regardless, from a practical perspective, the flight height data seem to be more sensitive than jump height for measuring performance impairment. Inertial Sensor Versus Optoelectric System

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Brian Killinger, Jakob D. Lauver, Luke Donovan and John Goetschius

adults. 26 The sample size estimation suggested 16 participants would be sufficient; however, because we were examining smaller muscles and a clinical population, we collected a more conservative sample of 20 participants. During data processing, one participant was excluded due to poor quality of the

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Mostafa Yaghoubi, Philip W. Fink, Wyatt H. Page and Sarah P. Shultz

) stationary running, (B) frontal kick, and (C) butt kick phases. The percentage of phase duration for each activity is represented by means (SD) within the gray bars. Kinematic and EMG Data Processing The mean of 5 selected cycles was measured for the presentation of the ROM and EMG data. From kinematic data, the