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Jacob A. Goldsmith, Cameron Trepeck, Jessica L. Halle, Kristin M. Mendez, Alex Klemp, Daniel M. Cooke, Michael H. Haischer, Ryan K. Byrnes, Robert F. Zoeller, Michael Whitehurst and Michael C. Zourdos

position transducers (LPTs) and wearable velocity calculators have been developed, 1 , 2 which have a lower cost (Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer System [TWAS], ∼$1500; GymAware, ∼$2000) than criterion measurement systems: force platforms and 3-dimensional motion capture ($10,000–40,000). In terms of

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Lee Taylor, Christopher J. Stevens, Heidi R. Thornton, Nick Poulos and Bryna C.R. Chrismas

HR (beats/min) were included in the present study. Countermovement Jump Countermovement jump were performed using dual portable force platforms (Pasco Pasport Force Platform PS-2141; Pasco, Roseville, CA) sampling at 1000 Hz. Prior to each set of CMJ (see Figure  1 ), athletes completed 3 full range

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Jeffrey D. Simpson, Ludmila Cosio-Lima, Eric M. Scudamore, Eric K. O’Neal, Ethan M. Stewart, Brandon L. Miller, Harish Chander and Adam C. Knight

, gait swings, and high knees. The first set of performance tasks consisted of 2 separate CMJ tasks, which were completed on a single portable AMTI AccuGait (Watertown, MA) force platform sampling at a frequency of 500 Hz. The first CMJ task was a maximum CMJ with arm swing permitted. Participants

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Dean Norris, David Joyce, Jason Siegler, James Clock and Ric Lovell

requiring only a force platform (portable) and a Smith machine common to most elite training facilities. The adoption of this test may also stem from the relative ease of assessment, reproducibility, nonfatiguing nature, high correlations to other dynamic explosive and strength measures, and minimal

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Kieran Cooke, Tom Outram, Raph Brandon, Mark Waldron, Will Vickery, James Keenan and Jamie Tallent

(MEccConP). 7 Statistical Analysis Data were analyzed using SPSS (version 22.0; Chicago, IL) and presented as mean (SD). To detect differences in the force platform variables across time (baseline, +0 h post, and +24 h post), between positions (seam bowlers and nonseam bowlers) and game formats (training

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Michael J.A. Speranza, Tim J. Gabbett, David A. Greene, Rich D. Johnston, Andrew D. Townshend and Brett O’Farrell

PPU were performed on a force platform (Kistler 9290AD Force Platform, Kistler, Switzerland). The protocols to examine peak power are the same as used in previous research. 15 , 16 The CMJ was performed with hands on hips and the PPU was performed from a standard push-up position with arms fully

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Andrés Pérez, Domingo J. Ramos-Campo, Cristian Marín-Pagan, Francisco J. Martínez-Noguera, Linda H. Chung and Pedro E. Alcaraz

and Neuromuscular Activity Ten minutes before the strength test, participants performed a general warm-up that consisted of 10 minutes of running at 10 km·h −1 and 5 minutes of dynamic exercise. Countermovement jump heights were performed using the Kistler 9286BA portable force platform (Kistler

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Sandro Venier, Jozo Grgic and Pavle Mikulic

sessions started with tests of jump performance. Here, the participants performed 3 squat jumps (SJ) followed by 3 countermovement jumps (CMJ) on a force platform (BP600600; AMTI, Inc, Watertown, MA) that was associated with custom-made software for data acquisition and analysis. The analyzed performance

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Michael J.A. Speranza, Tim J. Gabbett, David A. Greene, Rich D. Johnston and Andrew D. Townshend

and 3.0% for the 1-RM squat. Relative upper- and lower-body strength were calculated by dividing the 1-RM of the bench press, chin-up, and squat by the player’s body mass. 17 A countermovement jump and PPU were performed on a force platform (9290AD Force Platform; Kistler, Winterthur, Switzerland) to

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Simon A. Rogers, Chris S. Whatman, Simon N. Pearson and Andrew E. Kilding

, Australia), similar to that used previously with runners, 7 , 24 modified to start with a drop jump from a box (0.32 m high). A contact mat (timing resolution of 0.001 s) was chosen over a force platform, as only temporal data is required for the practical measurement technique to calculate stiffness, 21