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Peter F. Bodary and M. Melissa Gross

cerebral palsy, effect of gender identity on gait kinematics) and designed their video presentations for a peer-scientist audience. In the Cardiovascular and Exercise Technology course, students interacted with industry partners and health care professionals such as executives or project managers from

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Laurel W. Sheffield and Lauren A. Stutts

. Disability and Rehabilitation, 25, 1153 – 1157 . PubMed ID: 14534058 doi: 10.1080/0963828031000137757 Diamond , M. ( 2002 ). Sex and gender are different: Sexual identity and gender identity are different . Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 7 ( 3 ), 320 – 334 . doi: 10

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Leslie K. Larsen and Christopher J. Clayton

pathways of individuals with marginalized race and gender identities. A second limitation of this study was the decision to dichotomize the race variable for analysis purposes. By dichotomizing the variable, the unique career pathways of individuals from differing racial and ethnic groups could not be

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Mallory Mann and Vikki Krane

). It is hegemonic in that the privileging of heterosexuality is so routine that it seems normal and persists uncontested. The heterosexual matrix depicts the hegemonic supposition that biological sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation align in a predictable manner to create the socially

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Daniel M. Smith and Sarah E. Martiny

identities—that is, having membership in multiple groups—where activating a positive social identity in the presence of a negative stereotype effectively nullified the ST effect ( Martiny et al., 2015 ; Rydell, McConnell, & Beilock, 2009 ). While most ST research has focused on race and gender, identities

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Jonathan Robertson, Ryan Storr, Andrew Bakos and Danny O’Brien

, and also who were heterosexual and cisgender ( cisgender refers to those people whose gender identity corresponds with the sex they were assigned at birth, i.e., not transgender). We chose to interview a mixture of LGBT and non-LGBT people to gain holistic insights into the different perspectives of

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Amanda Timler, Fleur McIntyre and Beth Hands

feelings of poor competency in physical activity tasks and place less value on sports participation ( Fredricks & Eccles, 2005 ; Slater & Tiggemann, 2011 ). Furthermore, males and females may experience contrasting views towards sporting stereotypes ( Schmalz & Davison, 2006 ) and gender identity roles

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Shelby Waldron, J.D. DeFreese, Brian Pietrosimone, Johna Register-Mihalik and Nikki Barczak

and external motivation went from trending to statistically significant, with early specializers reporting significantly higher levels when compared to samplers, F (2, 199) = 3.89, p  < .05. Therefore, future research should probe more diverse samples relative to gender identity. Despite limitations

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Maya Maor

creation of other gender identities. Senior trainees use various social sanctions, POMs to “educate” the boys, to ensure that they conform norms of masculinity, and to demonstrate their privileges over them. b) The use and social acceptance of POMs to educate boys’ Arik started to train with a mostly adult

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Emma Kavanagh, Chelsea Litchfield and Jaquelyn Osborne

need to educate individuals concerning the threats posed by virtual spaces should be on the agenda for sporting organizations. Notes 1. This conclusion was reached based on the name of the individual and information pertaining to the gendered identity of the poster. If there was any doubt, there was a