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Judith Jiménez-Díaz, Karla Chaves-Castro and Walter Salazar

improving health-related physical fitness. 1 , 12 As a result, we would recommend that PE teachers and practitioners design PE classes very carefully (as when planning motor interventions) to improve MC in participants and that childcare centers and schools employ a professional in charge of all PE classes

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Rose M. Angell, Stephen A. Butterfield, Shihfen Tu, E. Michael Loovis, Craig A. Mason and Christopher J. Nightingale

substandard indices on health-related physical fitness and motor ability. Ultimately, limited motor skills foster below-average levels of physical activity ( Castetbon & Andreyeva, 2012 ; D’Hondt, Deforche, De Bourdeaudhuij, & Lenoir, 2009 ; Dokić & Međedović, 2013 ; Sporiš, Badrić, & Miljković, 2014

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Yang Liu and Senlin Chen

-enhancing fitness activities to improve health-related physical fitness. Achieves levels of health-related criterion-referenced standards for fitness. PD#4 Achieves criterion-referenced standards. Evaluates current level of physical activity. Demonstrates the skill, knowledge, and desire to monitor and adjust

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Eva D’Hondt, Fotini Venetsanou, Antonis Kambas and Matthieu Lenoir

in preschool as well as a better health-related physical fitness from a young age onwards ( Bardid et al., 2015 ; Brian et al., 2018 ). However, the significantly higher raw performance scores of Greek children, especially in the copying tasks evaluating fine motor integration, might point to other

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Lisa M. Barnett and Owen Makin

.psychsport.2015.09.002 Cattuzzo , M.T. , Dos Santos Henrique , R. , Re , A.H. , de Oliveira , I.S. , Melo , B.M. , de Sousa Moura , M. , … Stodden , D. ( 2016 ). Motor competence and health related physical fitness in youth: A systematic review . Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 19 ( 2

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Diego Augusto Santos Silva, Katie E. Gunnell and Mark Stephen Tremblay

. All participants in the study provided written informed consent signed by parents (if <18 y of age) or by themselves (≥18 y). This study was a substudy of a comprehensive population survey called Brazilian Guide of Evaluation of Health-Related Physical Fitness and Life Habits, whose target population included all

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Rodrigo Rodrigues Gomes Costa, Rodrigo Luiz Carregaro and Frederico Ribeiro Neto

Prescription . 8th ed. Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ; 2009 . 26. Dwyer GB , Davis SE , Pire NI , Thompson WR . ACSM’s Health-Related Physical Fitness Assessment Manual . 4th ed. Philadelphia, PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins ; 2010 . 27. Brown LE , Weir JP

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Sergio L. Molina and David F. Stodden

Oliveira , I.S. , Melo , B.M. , de Sousa Moura , M. , … Stodden , D.F. ( 2016 ). Motor competence and health related physical fitness in youth: A systematic review . Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 19 ( 2 ), 123 – 129 . doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2014.12.004 10.1016/j.jsams.2014

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Salomé Aubert, Joel D. Barnes, Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Greet Cardon, Chen-Kang Chang, Christine Delisle Nyström, Yolanda Demetriou, Lowri Edwards, Arunas Emeljanovas, Aleš Gába, Wendy Y. Huang, Izzeldin A.E. Ibrahim, Jaak Jürimäe, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Agata Korcz, Yeon Soo Kim, Eun-Young Lee, Marie Löf, Tom Loney, Shawnda A. Morrison, Jorge Mota, John J. Reilly, Blanca Roman-Viñas, Natasha Schranz, John Scriven, Jan Seghers, Thomas Skovgaard, Melody Smith, Martyn Standage, Gregor Starc, Gareth Stratton, Tim Takken, Tuija Tammelin, Chiaki Tanaka, David Thivel, Richard Tyler, Alun Williams, Stephen H.S. Wong, Paweł Zembura and Mark S. Tremblay

indicator of population health in children and youth. 98 The benchmark for this indicator was the average percentile achieved on certain health-related physical fitness component based on the normative values published by Tomkinson et al. 41 On average, Physical Fitness was graded “C-.” The highest grade

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Vítor Pires Lopes, Linda Saraiva, Celina Gonçalves and Luis P. Rodrigues

competence and physical activity in children: Mediating roles of perceived motor competence and health-related physical fitness . Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 ( 16 ), 1523 – 1529 . doi:10.1080/02640414.2015.1122202 10.1080/02640414.2015.1122202 LeGear , M. , Greyling , L. , Sloan , E. , Bell , R