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Daniel Hamacher, Dennis Hamacher, Roy Müller, Lutz Schega and Astrid Zech

. ( 2010 ). 3D gait assessment in young and elderly subjects using foot-worn inertial sensors . Journal of Biomechanics, 43 ( 15 ), 2999 – 3006 . PubMed ID: 20656291 doi:10.1016/j.jbiomech.2010.07.003 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2010.07.003 Mariani , B. , Rochat , S. , Büla , C. J. , & Aminian , K

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Jonathan M. Williams, Michael Gara and Carol Clark

the functionally dominant and nondominant extremities of healthy subjects . J Athl Train . 1998 ; 33 ( 4 ): 319 – 322 . PubMed ID: 16558528 16558528 11. Morgado Ramirez DZ , Strike S , Lee RY . Measurement of transmission of vibration through the human spine using skin-mounted inertial

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Manuel Trinidad-Fernández, Manuel González-Sánchez and Antonio I. Cuesta-Vargas

. 2009 ; 223 ( 7 ): 823 – 831 . PubMed ID: 19908421 doi:10.1243/09544119JEIM554 10.1243/09544119JEIM554 19908421 5. Morgado Ramírez DZ , Strike S , Lee RY . Measurement of transmission of vibration through the human spine using skin-mounted inertial sensors . Med Eng Phys . 2013 ; 35 ( 5

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Desiree Camara Miraldo, Renato Naville Watanabe and Marcos Duarte

file with information about the subjects’ health characteristics. This open data set can be used in future studies related to gait event estimation based on inertial sensors. In addition, using the same methods, we collected data for one adult with a foot drop gait abnormality, and these data are also

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Jordan L. Fox, Cody J. O’Grady and Aaron T. Scanlan

and inertial sensors in the microsensors. External workload volume was determined via PlayerLoad ™ (PL), which is a proprietary metric derived from the accelerometer sampling at 100 Hz. PL represents the accumulated load calculated as the square root of the sum of the squared rate of change in

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Aisha Chen, Sandhya Selvaraj, Vennila Krishnan and Shadnaz Asgari

the analysis of the anticipatory postural adjustments through wearable inertial sensors . Gait Posture . 2017 ; 51 : 218 – 221 . PubMed ID: 27816900 doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.10.017 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.10.017 27816900 14. Delval A , Tard C , Defebvre L . Why we should study gait

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Live S. Luteberget, Benjamin R. Holme and Matt Spencer

indoors, thus not useable for indoors sports such as team handball. In recent years, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) has been integrated into GPS devices, to provide additional information relating to physical loads during games and training. IMUs consist of the inertial sensors accelerometers and

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Ivan A. Trujillo-Priego, Judy Zhou, Inge F. Werner, Weiyang Deng and Beth A. Smith

University of Southern California. A parent or legal guardian signed an informed consent form before their infant’s participation. Data of leg movement activity were collected in-home using inertial sensors (Opals, APDM Inc., Portland, OR, USA). Infants wore the sensors 7–13 hours per day for seven

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Sarah J. Willis, Jules Gellaerts, Benoît Mariani, Patrick Basset, Fabio Borrani and Grégoire P. Millet

temporal parameters using foot-worn inertial sensors . Front Physiol . 2018 ; 9 : 610 . PubMed ID: 29946263 doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.00610 10.3389/fphys.2018.00610 29946263 16. Savoldelli A , Fornasiero A , Trabucchi P , et al . The energetics during the World’s most challenging mountain ultra

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Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Antonio Piepoli, Gabriel Garrido-Blanca, Gabriel Delgado-García, Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández and Amador García-Ramos

barbell velocity in different resistance training exercises . Front Physiol . 2017 ; 8 : 649 . PubMed ID: 28894425 doi:10.3389/fphys.2017.00649 10.3389/fphys.2017.00649 28894425 6. Orange S , Metcalfe J , Liefeith A , et al . Validity and reliability of a wearable inertial sensor to measure