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David Morawetz, Tobias Dünnwald, Martin Faulhaber, Hannes Gatterer, Lukas Höllrigl, Christian Raschner and Wolfgang Schobersberger

administered pure oxygen to I1 (FiO 2  = 1.0), whereas I0 breathed chamber air (equal to 3500 m). All participants breathed through a mask. Capillary blood (t2) was collected and analyzed again during the last minute of the preconditioning phase. Immediately after the 5-minute preconditioning phase, subjects

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Silvia Gonçalves Ricci Neri, André Bonadias Gadelha, Ana Luiza Matias Correia, Juscélia Cristina Pereira, Ana Cristina de David and Ricardo M. Lima

masks for of each participant. The masks were developed to produce 6 anatomical regions (whole foot, rearfoot, midfoot, forefoot, hallux and lesser toes) considering the whole stance phase of gait. The masking process for all participants was completed by the primary author, with previous research

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Paula R. Mesquita, Silvia G.R. Neri, Ricardo M. Lima, Eliane F. Manfio and Ana C. de David

recorded for both feet, 12 with the mean value of each foot used for analyses. In order to measure running foot loads, the same protocol was applied. The software EMED/R—Database Light 23.3.43 was used to construct feet masks of each participant for both walking and running. The masks were developed to

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Hiroaki Hobara, Sakiko Saito, Satoru Hashizume, Hiroyuki Sakata and Yoshiyuki Kobayashi

largely unknown. By using group-based analysis, a previous study showed that the average velocity for a 100-m sprint in unilateral transtibial amputees significantly correlated with step frequency rather than with step length. 5 However, an average group-based analysis can actually mask important issues

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Tom Gibbons

.” According to Grano, the “problem” of forgetting is something that is inescapable in elite sport as the advance of human athletic potential masks realities such as racial inequality. Athletic bodies are regarded as “theological objects” in that they are considered eternal only in the moment they are created

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Greg Doncaster, John Iga and Viswanath Unnithan

.8°C, 62%–63%, and 1011–1021 mm Hg, respectively, for laboratory testing. Assessment of VO 2peak and GET Upon arrival to the laboratory and following the necessary screening procedures, participants were fitted with a polar heart rate monitor (Polar Electro Oy, Kempele, Finland) and face mask (Hans

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Antje Hill, Linda Schücker, Norbert Hagemann and Bernd Strauß

, UK). Respiratory gas exchange was measured by a MetaMax cardiopulmonary exercise testing system (CORTEX Biophysik GmbH, Leipzig, Germany). The system was calibrated on each day of testing to provide reliable results, and participants were required to wear a breathing mask that was adapted

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Ben Larkin and Janet S. Fink

hostile attitudes toward out-groups associated with collective narcissism masks the potential of unpretentious and noncontingent positive in-group regard to predict positive attitudes toward out-groups ( Golec de Zavala, Cichocka, & Bilewicz, 2013 , p. 25). Sport researchers have long demonstrated a

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Jörg Krieger, Lindsay Parks Pieper and Ian Ritchie

. Across the span of those decades, the sport moved from virtually no players wearing protective headgear to almost every player wearing protective helmets or masks. Bachynski’s historical account is instructive for understanding decision making in sport organizations more generally, as she demonstrates

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Bastiaan Breine, Philippe Malcolm, Veerle Segers, Joeri Gerlo, Rud Derie, Todd Pataky, Edward C. Frederick and Dirk De Clercq

the shoe-surface pressures. As such, the sum of recorded pressures multiplied by active sensor area should be equivalent to the total vertical GRF measured with the AMTI force plate. In the Footscan 7 software we applied a 4-zone mask: (a) lateral and (b) medial rearfoot (splitting the posterior 1