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Herman van Werkhoven and Stephen J. Piazza

consumption was normalized by body mass to obtain a mass-specific rate of oxygen consumption, referred to as the net relative rate of oxygen consumption ( V ˙ O 2 - NET ). During the running trial of 1 participant, a power failure occurred after 7.5 minutes and

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Luke Hogarth, Brendan Burkett, Peter Van de Vliet and Carl Payton

normalized to body mass. Fatigue index was the decline in mean tether force over the 30-second test. It was calculated from the gradient of mean tether force over the test duration as defined by linear regression and expressed as a percentage of the mean tether force in the first 5 seconds. 19 Statistical

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Arthur H. Bossi, Ciaran O’Grady, Richard Ebreo, Louis Passfield and James G. Hopker

were collated for pacing strategy analysis of each race. UCI, cycling’s world governing body, requires timekeeping providers to adopt systems with 0.001-second accuracy. Mean racing speed from each lap was then percentage normalized to the mean speed of the whole race for each athlete. This procedure

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Caroline Lisee, Tom Birchmeier, Arthur Yan, Brent Geers, Kaitlin O’Hagan, Callum Davis and Christopher Kuenze

functional tasks have been recently described 10 and implemented. 11 , 12 In a recent study, peak sound intensity was associated ( R 2  = .42) with normalized peak vGRF during a drop jump task in which participants were asked to purposefully land quietly, normally, or loudly. 10 Consistent with these

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Øyvind Sandbakk, Guro Strøm Solli and Hans-Christer Holmberg

, and growth hormone. Men become larger, with both more absolute and more relative muscle mass and a lower percentage of body fat, and have superior muscle strength and power, as well as both anaerobic and aerobic production of energy. Normalization for fat-free mass (an approximation of skeletal

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Lewis J. Vizard, Gareth Peden and Maximilian M. Wdowski

analysis. The Vicon lower body Plug-in Gait modeling pipeline defined rigid body segments (foot, shank, thigh, and pelvis) and used standard inverse dynamics techniques to calculate joint kinematics and kinetics. Peak GRFs normalized to body weight, Ankle, knee, and hip angles were calculated as well as

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Nobuaki Tottori, Tadashi Suga, Yuto Miyake, Ryo Tsuchikane, Mitsuo Otsuka, Akinori Nagano, Satoshi Fujita and Tadao Isaka

, Switzerland). To reduce the possible influence of the difference in total lean tissue mass among participants, the absolute CSA was normalized to FFM to the two-thirds power, which was converted into the same dimension as the CSA, based on a method described in previous studies ( 16 , 18 , 22 , 34 ). The

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Jupil Ko, Erik Wikstrom, Yumeng Li, Michelle Weber and Cathleen N. Brown

indicator box to increase their reach distance during the YBT, the trial was eliminated and repeated. 5 , 11 Figure 2 —The foot placement on the Star Excursion Balance Test (left) and Y-Balance Test (right). Data Reduction and Analysis Reach distances were normalized to leg length ([reach distance

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Jillian J. Haszard, Kim Meredith-Jones, Victoria Farmer, Sheila Williams, Barbara Galland and Rachael Taylor

component unbroken). This means that there will be variation in day length and component variables must be normalized to sum to 24 hours. As part of this process, non-wear time is generally removed from the day before normalization ( Carson, Tremblay, & Chastin, 2017 ; Chastin et al., 2015 ; Dumuid

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Reabias de A. Pereira, José Luiz de B. Alves, João Henrique da C. Silva, Matheus da S. Costa and Alexandre S. Silva

expressed in normalized units. The nonlinear variables adopted were the SD1 and SD2. Statistical Analysis Data are presented as mean and SD. After using the Shapiro–Wilk and Levene tests, data that were not considered normal were logarithmized. The unpaired t test and Pearson correlation were used. The