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Kent A. Lorenz, Hans van der Mars, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Barbara E. Ainsworth and Melbourne F. Hovell

allowed to use unsupervised on the outdoor activity spaces. The intervention provided additional supervision that allowed increased access to the main gym, along with more pieces of equipment so a greater number of students could participate. Examples of the environmental modifications during the

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Chia-Yuan Yu, Ayoung Woo, Christopher Hawkins and Sara Iman

-quality schools and public services, and high rates of unemployment. 4 , 5 Moreover, these communities often provide limited access to exercise amenities and feature “obesogenic” food environments. 6 , 7 As a result, residents living in such environments are likely to be isolated and sheltered from outdoor

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Pamela K. Samra, Amanda L. Rebar, Lynne Parkinson, Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen, Stephanie Schoeppe, Deborah Power, Anthony Schneiders, Corneel Vandelanotte and Stephanie Alley

walking groups in shopping malls. Interventions should also encourage older adults to think of options for doing activities indoors if the weather is too unpleasant to do their usual outdoor activities ( Bélanger-Gravel, Godin, & Amireault, 2013 ). Participants in this study reported interest in

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Manon L. Dontje, Calum F. Leask, Juliet Harvey, Dawn A. Skelton and Sebastien F.M. Chastin

it is essential to treat and manage pain effectively in order to reduce sedentary behavior in older adults. Bad weather, such as rain and darkness, was found to promote sedentary behavior by not permitting a safe or enjoyable environment for outdoor activities and by decreasing the amount of reasons

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Alexander T. Latinjak

referred to other physical activities, including endurance tasks such as running, cycling or swimming; outdoor activities such as climbing and hiking; and yoga and body balance. In sports, the situations the participants described included competition and training. In competition, specifically, mind

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Sarah A. Amin, Paula J. Duquesnay, Catherine M. Wright, Kenneth Chui, Christina D. Economos and Jennifer M. Sacheck

impact these behaviors. Children’s self-perceptions are crucial to the adoption and maintenance of physical activity (PA) behaviors as well as psychological well-being ( 8 , 25 ). One domain of self-perception is perceived athletic competence (PAC), defined as the confidence to perform sports and outdoor

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Rafaela Costa Martins, Luiza Isnardi Cardoso Ricardo, Gerfeson Mendonça, Daiana Lopes de Rosa, Letícia Lemos Ayres da Gama Bastos, Carolina de Vargas Nunes Coll and Renata Moraes Bielemann

, the disorganized growing urbanization and unfriendly environment (eg, pollution, intense traffic, and violence) leads adolescents to be cloistered at home, diminishing outdoor activities and facilitating sedentary behavior. 36 In contrast, the Amazonas state presented the smallest prevalence of the

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Estela Farías-Torbidoni, Demir Barić and Sebastià Mas-Alòs

has a vast provision of trails and managed areas to do outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, snow activities, and off-road driving. 16 Inside the park, there are 3 different snow areas and more than 170 trails (permitting off-road driving) and paths. A detailed description is provided

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James W. Navalta, Jeffrey Montes, Nathaniel G. Bodell, Charli D. Aguilar, Ana Lujan, Gabriela Guzman, Brandi K. Kam, Jacob W. Manning and Mark DeBeliso

population is utilizing wearable technology. Among the most common leisure activities is hiking, which has seen participation increase almost 200 fold in recent years, and is one of the top two outdoor activities performed ( Cordell et al., 2005 ; Manning et al., 2015 ). Additionally, trail running has seen

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Lotta Palmberg, Erja Portegijs, Taina Rantanen, Eeva Aartolahti, Anne Viljanen, Mirja Hirvensalo and Merja Rantakokko

). Association between physical performance and sense of autonomy in outdoor activities and life‐space mobility in community‐dwelling older people . Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 62 ( 4 ), 615 – 621 . 10.1111/jgs.12763 Portegijs , E. , Rantakokko , M. , Viljanen , A. , Rantanen , T