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James T. Reese Jr., Mark A. Dodds, Brett Burchette and J.P. Lutz

After eight years on staff, Katie Harris was recently promoted from director of ticket operations to a new position as associate athletic director at Montgomery University (MU). Several months into her new position, Katie is faced with a difficult challenge. Several thousand fans from conference rival Bucks State College (BSC) attended a men’s basketball game at the 15,000-seat MU Convocation Center. The large presence of BSC fans did nothing worthy of ejection, but was able to negatively impact the experience for many MU fans. MU’s high profile men’s basketball coach contacted the director of athletics requesting if something could be done to reduce the impact of visiting fans. Though the coach understands that dealing with opposing fans is part of sport, even on a team’s home court, the environment has become a distraction for coaches, players, and many significant athletic department donors who pay premium prices for season tickets. The coach received complaints from numerous supporters indicating that unless something is done they are considering cancelling their season tickets. Though complicated by logistics, financial, and legal consequences, Katie has been asked to research the issue and share recommendations for policy development.

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James J. Zhang

section containing four chapters on providing a general introduction on the contemporary market environments and organizational contexts of sport in Latin American countries, followed by signifying the theoretical concepts of sport policies and policy comparisons, government involvement and regional

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Michael A. Odio, Patty Raube Keller and Dana Drew Shaw

advice on crafting policy, educating students, faculty, and staff about Title IX, preparing students for the internships and the workplace, and comments on how this information impacts employers. The article concludes with postinterview reflections that summarize how the information from the interviews

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Jeffrey Graham, Allison Smith and Sylvia Trendafilova

libertarian views. The stakeholder view recognizes that organizational policies and practices influence individuals not only in their work life, but also in their personal lives. It goes on to suggest that satisfaction in both realms helps to improve worker productivity and functionality, and that the

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

; Taylor et al., 2015 ). The last type of sexual harassment is physical harassment, or unwanted touching or invasion of one’s personal space by the student. To combat unwanted touching or inappropriate behavior, many female faculty members have implemented a “no hands” policy with students and an open

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Daniel Wigfield and Ryan Snelgrove

Hockey Canada system they are required to implement programs, rules, and policies in accordance with the national governing body’s regulations within their jurisdiction ( Ontario Hockey Federation [OHF], 2018 ). This case study focuses on the Canadian minor hockey system as it applies to the province of

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Chadron Hazelbaker and Matthew Martin

, and (3) effective accommodation of student’s interests and abilities ( Dept. of HEW, 1979 ). Listed within these three program components were three specific understandings in which Title IX compliance could be achieved. This has become known as the “Three-Prong Test for Compliance.” The Policy

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Velina B. Brackebusch

the world, similar to what others encounter in service-learning courses. According to Pigza ( 2010 ), “In the midst of critical reflection, students become constructive critics of themselves, society, policies, and course content” (p. 75). All of the students were able to benefit from the in

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Megan B. Shreffler

: Confronting race and the apartheid past . Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press . Jones , B.A. , Arcelus , J. , Bouman , W.P. , & Haycraft , E. ( 2017 ). Sport and transgender people: A systematic review of the literature relating to sport participation and competitive sport policies . Sports

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Molly Hayes Sauder and Cheryl R. Rode

Higher education is widely considered to be an industry in a state of disruption, with a number of “trends and forces” making a substantial impact on it ( Renn, 2018 , para. 2). The industry is continuously influenced by factors ranging from a push for accountability by policy makers, to