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Nicole Reams, Rodney A. Hayward, Jeffrey S. Kutcher and James F. Burke


Lingering neurologic injury after concussion may expose athletes to increased risk if return to play is premature. The authors explored whether on-field performance after concussion is a marker of lingering neurologic injury.


Retrospective cohort study on 1882 skill-position players who played in the National Football League (NFL) during 2007–2010.


Players with concussion based on the weekly injury report were compared with players with other head and neck injuries (controls) on measures of on-field performance using Football Outsiders’ calculation of defense-adjusted yards above replacement (DYAR), a measure of a player’s contribution controlling for game context. Changes in performance, relative to a player’s baseline level of performance, were estimated before and after injury using fixed-effects models.


The study included 140 concussed players and 57 controls. Players with concussion performed no better or worse than their baseline on return to play. However, a decline in DYAR relative to their prior performance was noted 2 wk and 1 wk before appearing on the injury report. Concussed players performed slightly better than controls in situations where they returned to play the same week as appearing on the injury report.


On return, concussed NFL players performed at their baseline level of performance, suggesting that players have recovered from concussion. Decline in performance noted 2 wk and 1 wk before appearing on the injury report may suggest that concussion diagnosis was delayed or that concussion can be a multihit phenomenon. Athletic performance may be a novel tool for assessing concussion injury and recovery.

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Bareket Falk and Raffy Dotan

prematurely encountered due to suboptimal mechanics. On the treadmill, this would mean running at well under the individual’s top speed or highest manageable incline. On the cycle ergometer, due to the force-velocity interdependency, appropriate cadence plays a critical role ( 45 ). At a given exercise

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Alex Murata

commitment in time—could, unfortunately, be factors contributing to premature attrition in many children and adolescents participating in organized sport ( Brenner, 2016 ; Cumming & Ewing, 2002 ; Hardy, Kelly, Chapman, King, & Farrell, 2010 ; Merkel, 2013 ). In The Adulteration of Children’s Sports

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Kingsley K. Akinroye and Ade F. Adeniyi

lifestyle among children and youth. According to the World Health Organisation, 2 two-thirds of premature deaths in adults are associated with childhood conditions and behaviours. Such common behaviours including smoking, heavy episodic drinking and physical inactivity are associated with NCD risks, with

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Scott J. Dankel, Jeremy P. Loenneke and Paul D. Loprinzi

as it relates to premature all-cause mortality, 16 – 18 and to our knowledge, none have examined this association relative to cancer-specific mortality. Examining how cancer-specific mortality risk varies as a function of both strength and behavioral engagement in muscle-strengthening activities is

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Martin J. Barwood, Joe Kupusarevic and Stuart Goodall

Exercise performance is impaired in hot conditions with fatigue occurring prematurely compared with cool environments. 1 The etiology of this fatigue is complex and multifaceted but is in part attributable to increased thermal sensations (TS; ie, feeling hot) and thermal discomfort. 2 Accordingly

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

and recovery status and, as such, ongoing re-evaluation by the MDTT during treatment is necessary. It is critical that the MDTT agree upon previously established parameters for return to play ( Cook et al., 2016 ) since a premature return to sport may increase risk of aggravated illness, injury or re

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Brigid M. Lynch, Suzanne C. Dixon-Suen, Andrea Ramirez Varela, Yi Yang, Dallas R. English, Ding Ding, Paul A. Gardiner and Terry Boyle

Observational studies have consistently demonstrated that physical activity is inversely associated with chronic disease and premature mortality. The causal nature of these associations is not always clear, and evidence from randomized controlled trials (RCTs), widely held as the “gold standard

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Jason C. Bartram, Dominic Thewlis, David T. Martin and Kevin I. Norton

SKIBA 2 model has demonstrated progression in the area of modeling intermittent work bouts, the results of our study show that, for elite cyclists, this model significantly underestimates their W ′ recovery rate. Its use in this population would greatly underestimate work capabilities and prematurely

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Daniel Bok, Karim Chamari and Carl Foster

. 18 In many places, and considering the economic impact of television coverage, there was even pressure to resume competition in empty stadiums despite the fact that possible premature reactivation of sport activities might have negative public health and personal health consequences. With the