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Mia Beck Lichtenstein, Claire Gudex, Kjeld Andersen, Anders Bo Bojesen and Uffe Jørgensen

sport arena, for example, an overuse injury from overloading the body without appropriate time for restitution. Up to 40% of long-distance runners report knee injuries, 2 whereas about 12 million US athletes aged 5–22 years incur a sports-related injury each year. 3 Sports injuries can lead to periods

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Salomé Aubert, Joel D. Barnes, Megan L. Forse, Evan Turner, Silvia A. González, Jakub Kalinowski, Peter T. Katzmarzyk, Eun-Young Lee, Reginald Ocansey, John J. Reilly, Natasha Schranz, Leigh M. Vanderloo and Mark S. Tremblay

premature health issues can be anticipated if the global physical inactivity crisis is not addressed. 10 Background Report Card of Physical Activity Grades In response to growing concerns over high levels of physical inactivity among young people in Canada, the Report Card on Physical Activity for Children

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Colin B. Shore, Gill Hubbard, Trish Gorely, Robert Polson, Angus Hunter and Stuart D. Galloway

differentiate between the effectiveness and acceptability of different schemes 4 in addressing physical inactivity and noncommunicable disease. This conclusion is largely due to little evidence of any effectiveness of specific schemes. 4 It is crucial therefore that clear reporting of key ERS components is

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Amanda Timler, Fleur McIntyre and Beth Hands

concurrent, but not construct validity, with this age group. The aims of this study, therefore, were to use Principle Component Analysis (PCA) to provide evidence of the construct validity of the AMCQ and secondly to identify factors that contributed to Australian adolescent self-reported motor competence. A

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Kyle Southall, Matt Price and Courtney Wisler

, disrupting the perforating vessels and causing visible swelling. 1 , 3 While this injury is relatively rare in traditional athletic settings, making up approximately 1% of reported injuries, those that have been reported in the literature have been located in the lower extremity. 1 , 3 – 6 The presented

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Andrea Stewart, Barbara Sternfeld, Brittney S. Lange-Maia, Kelly R. Ylitalo, Alicia Colvin, Carrie A. Karvonen-Gutierrez, Sheila A. Dugan, Robin R. Green and Kelley Pettee Gabriel

.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018a ). Given its relevance to almost every major anatomical system ( U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018a ), many epidemiological studies have included assessments of physical activity. To date, report-based measures (e.g., recall questionnaires) are

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Kristina Amrani, Andrew Gallucci and Marshall Magnusen

, styles of play, and court surface, 7 which may explain the differences in volume reported throughout the literature. Despite knowing an approximate shot volume required of an elite tennis player, only one IHP describes a progression based on preestablished volume. 8 In fact, there are no existing IHPs

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Christopher Johansen, Kim D. Reynolds, Jennifer Wolch, Jason Byrne, Chih-Ping Chou, Sarah Boyle, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Brianna A. Lienemann, Susan Weaver and Michael Jerrett

associated with the frequency and duration of trail use. 12 , 21 , 23 , 26 – 30 Negative associations have been observed between litter, noise, vegetation density, distance from the trail, and trail use. 5 , 18 , 22 , 23 , 26 , 31 , 32 Few studies have associated self-reported trail use with trail

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Ben T. Stephenson, Eleanor Hynes, Christof A. Leicht, Keith Tolfrey and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

by the Loughborough University ethical advisory committee. All had regularly competed at international level for 2–7 years, with 6 competing at the 2016 Paralympic Games, and all reported being free from illness prior to the commencement of the study. Athletes’ typical weekly training volume was 11

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Britton W. Brewer, Christine M. Caldwell, Albert J. Petitpas, Judy L. Van Raalte, Miquel Pans and Allen E. Cornelius

), student athletes displaying a strong and exclusive commitment to the athlete role (i.e., athletic identity) tend to report lower levels of career development ( Houle & Kluck, 2015 ; Murphy et al., 1996 ; Tyrance, Harris, & Post, 2013 ), higher levels of adjustment difficulties during transitions such as