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Brian M. Mills, Scott Tainsky, B. Christine Green and Becca Leopkey

participation in the task. The Ultimatum Game In the ultimatum game, a sum of money (the “stake”) is presented to two individuals. One is designated as the proposer (P) whereas the other becomes the responder (R). P proposes a division of the sum and then R decides whether or not to accept the offered division

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Dae Hee Kwak and Sean Pradhan

documented in the literature, what remains unknown is whether such situations prompt consumers to respond differently toward an advertisement from a sponsor of the losing team. Little is known whether the sponsor should continue to advertise their brand with the team or disassociate in a new advertisement

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Kathryn L. Heinze and Di Lu

concussions has improved understanding of how to diagnosis, treat, and prevent concussions ( Guskiewicz et al., 2005 ; McKee et al., 2009 ), little is known about the organizational dimension of concussions. By studying the NFL, we can begin to shed light on how powerful sport governing bodies are responding

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Donal Howley and Mary O’Sullivan

teachers and the TR spoke about moving away from traditional instruction and toward more inclusive practices. Responding to student feedback, the teachers set about increasing activity time and decreasing time on verbal instruction. Ms. Brown discovered that “they wanted less time of [her] talking and

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Collin A. Webster, Diana Mindrila, Chanta Moore, Gregory Stewart, Karie Orendorff and Sally Taunton

 al., 2013 ), which was developed for elementary classroom teachers as adopters of PA promotion within the general education classroom environment. Participants responded to four items (Table  2 ) with slight modifications to the wording to target physical education teachers instead of classroom teachers

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Yongjin Hwang, Khalid Ballouli, Kevin So and Bob Heere

respond to advertising in video games is a field of study that has yet to be fully developed. Moreover, this research has the potential to contribute to the extant literature related to information processing and limited capacity model (LCM), which represent the theoretical basis of the study. Literature

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Stefanie Klatt and Nicholas J. Smeeton

either respond verbally or via a sport-specific motor reaction (attacking movement). In general, beach volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of two players each, with a net dividing both teams. The players’ aim is to ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the court and simultaneously prevent

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Samuel T. Forlenza, Scott Pierce, Robin S. Vealey and John Mackersie

). This step was conducted individually and then collectively to gain consensus and finalize each meaning unit within a lower-order and higher-order theme. The lower-order themes fell into five higher-order categories for both athletes and teams: Nurturing Positive Environment, Responding to Athletes

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Andy Gillham, Michael Doscher, Jim Krumpos, Michelle Martin Diltz, Nate Moe, Shepard Allen and Reese Bridgeman

group-level requirements and responded to the series of 10 questions. The coaches, their titles, and the schools and NCAA division represented are: (a) Reese Bridgeman, Director of Athletic Performance, Bellhaven University – Division III; (b) Michael Doscher, Head Speed and Strength and Conditioning

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James Geiselman, Rachel Gillespie and Andrew Miller

imaging. 7 , 8 Based on the clinical presentation and assessment, imaging was not ordered, however, had the patient not responded to the prescribed treatments, diagnostic imaging would have been warranted. The combination of nonoperative, conservative treatments consisting of chiropractic care, soft