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Haresh T. Suppiah, Chee Yong Low, Gabriel Choong and Michael Chia

of a brief afternoon nap on shooting, sprint, and cognitive performance among high-level adolescent student-athletes. The objective of these studies was to ascertain if an acute short nap can elicit sport-specific performance changes after a night of sleep restriction. Methods Subjects: Study 1 In

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Stefanie Hüttermann, Paul R. Ford, A. Mark Williams, Matyas Varga and Nicholas J. Smeeton

participation. In this study, we developed a method that can be used to determine visual attentional and perceptual capabilities while performing a sport-specific decision-making task. The need to make quick and accurate decisions is integral to expert performance, particularly in team sports (e.g.,  Raab, 2003

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Brian J. Foster and Graig M. Chow

create a sport-specific well-being instrument and test its initial psychometric properties, including its convergent and discriminant validity, based upon an existing global measure of well-being. The MHC-SF was used as a guide, and all items were edited minimally in order to serve their new purpose. A

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Dustin R. Grooms, Adam W. Kiefer, Michael A. Riley, Jonathan D. Ellis, Staci Thomas, Katie Kitchen, Christopher A. DiCesare, Scott Bonnette, Brooke Gadd, Kim D. Barber Foss, Weihong Yuan, Paula Silva, Ryan Galloway, Jed A. Diekfuss, James Leach, Kate Berz and Gregory D. Myer

injury prevention must target the cognitive, perceptual, and motor processes that synergize to allow athletes to respond to sport-specific demands with resilient, low injury risk movement strategies. 2 The inability to ensure motor pattern transfer from the prevention program to the athletic field is a

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Jamie Taber and Kat Longshore

me doubtful that that was actually the case. As a result, I suggested to my supervisor that this could be a good population to work with in our research and intervention. Throughout the process of creating and implementing the workshop, my contributions largely consisted of the sport-specific

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Justine Chatterton, Trent A. Petrie, Keke L. Schuler and Camilo Ruggero

environment pressures about weight and performance ( Petrie & Greenleaf, 2012b ). These general and sport-specific pressures are similar to those experienced by female athletes, though with an additional focus on having a physique that is defined by muscle mass, strength, and leanness. Across several studies

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Ali S. Tejani, Bert B. Vargas, Emily F. Middleton and Mu Huang

Key Points ▸ An athlete’s sport may influence efficiency of eye movements. ▸ Sport-specific differences hinders comparison of postconcussion changes to generic baseline eye movements. ▸ Uniformity in contrast acuity may preclude the need for athlete-specific testing. Although numerous studies have

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Sada Reed and Guy Harrison

, incompetent, alcoholic hacks who would sell their grandmothers for a good story, a free ticket, a drink or an inside tip about a horse to bet on” ( Wulfemeyer, 1985 , p. 57). The practice of sport journalism though, is changing. Sport-specific ethical codes and university-level sport journalism programs have

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Stefanie Klatt and Nicholas J. Smeeton

either respond verbally or via a sport-specific motor reaction (attacking movement). In general, beach volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of two players each, with a net dividing both teams. The players’ aim is to ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the court and simultaneously prevent

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Christina Yannetsos, Mario C. Pacheco and Danny G. Thomas

-to-play protocols and requirements over time. Conclusions USA Judo coaches have mixed beliefs that concussions are a risk in the sport of judo, though wide variation exists in knowledge and practices. This study demonstrated the need and desire for a sport-specific standardized national training program for