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Theresa L. Miyashita and Paul A. Ullucci

identifying residual deficits within the vestibulo-ocular system is critically important to the sports medicine professionals, as these deficits may place athletes at further risk of sustaining injuries due to their inability to process stimuli efficiently within the busy athletic environment. Sport requires

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Eric Foch and Clare E. Milner

The accessibility of running makes it a common exercise choice for individuals looking to improve their overall health. However, the likelihood that a runner will develop an overuse injury is high. Prospective studies indicate that 47% to 52% of recreational runners sustained an overuse injury that

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Deborah A.M. Jehu, Nicole Paquet and Yves Lajoie

) possible improvements in obstacle clearance parameters and RT would be sustained at the 12-week follow-up in both training groups because previous work has also observed maintained improvements ( Lim & Yoon, 2014b ; Marusic et al., 2016 ). Methods Participants In total, 76 older adults were evaluated for eligibility

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Jian Chen, Bruce Oddson and Heather C. Gilbert

, with a questionnaire pertaining to respondent’s symptoms of the most recent concussion as well as injury history, we try to examine the effect of multiple concussions on the spectrum of concussion symptoms as compared with those who sustained their first concussion. Methods Study Design This study used

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Jessica E. Digiacomo, Riann M. Palmieri-Smith, John A. Redman III and Lindsey K. Lepley

concavity (MDC) has also been identified as a risk factor for sustaining a primary ACL injury. 13 , 14 Further, it has been found that combinations of precarious knee geometry measurements, such as a smaller NSI combined with a steeper LPTS or a steeper LPTS combined with a shallower MDC, are even more

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Joerg Teichmann, Rachel Tan, Kim Hébert-Losier, Yeo Wee Kian, Shabana Jalal Din, Ananthi Subramaniam, Dietmar Schmidtbleicher and C. Martyn Beaven

effectiveness of current rehabilitation practices and return-to-play assessments can be questioned as studies report reinjury rates as high as 49%. 4 Only 55% of 94 patients reported to successfully return to preinjury levels of sports participation 1 year postsurgery, 5 and the risk of sustaining an

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Jason Brumitt, Alma Mattocks, Jeremy Loew and Phil Lentz

of the knee, and muscle–tendon strains of the shoulder. 4 The top 3 injuries sustained during college VB practices are ankle ligament sprains, muscle–tendon strains of the upper leg, and muscle–tendon strains of the lower back. 4 The competitive D III college season for VB occurs during the fall

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Megan N. Houston, Johanna M. Hoch and Matthew C. Hoch

Almost half of all ankle sprains in the United States occur during athletic activity. 1 Each year ankle sprains account for roughly 15% of all injuries to National Collegiate Athletic Association student-athletes, with the majority sustained by the lateral ligamentous complex. 2 Although

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John Strickland and Grant Bevill

tested with replication because it sustained extensive damage during several impact conditions and went out of production after this was discovered. The total of number tests conducted was 176. Table 1 Description of Protective Headgear Used for Softball Impact Testing Type Brand Model Size NOCSAE

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Kevin M. Cross, Kelly K. Gurka, Susan Saliba, Mark Conaway and Jay Hertel

between male and female high school soccer players who sustained thigh muscle strains. It is a secondary analysis of prospectively collected data. During the 2005/2006–2009/2010 school years, injury and exposure data were collected from a cohort of athletes via the High School Sports-Related Injury