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Maja Zamoscinska, Irene R. Faber and Dirk Büsch

training 36 mo of low-volume high-resistance strength training and high-impact aerobics; IG: 2× group training (60–70 min) and 2× home training sessions (25 min) a week. Group training session: warm-up/endurance, jumping, strength training (periodized), and flexibility training sequences. Home training

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Gakuto Kitamura, Hiroshige Tateuchi and Noriaki Ichihashi

improve the swimming performance; however, it may increase the lumbar spine load. Thus, higher lumbar extension degree during DK is not an appropriate technique to improve swimming performance or reduce lumbar spine load. There may be several factors causing LBP in swimmers—extended training period being

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João Breno Ribeiro-Alvares, Maurício Pinto Dornelles, Carolina Gassen Fritsch, Felipe Xavier de Lima-e-Silva, Thales Menezes Medeiros, Lucas Severo-Silveira, Vanessa Bernardes Marques and Bruno Manfredini Baroni

) are very popular among football teams, 16 , 17 and significant reductions on HSI rates have been found in amateur and professional football players. 14 Although the optimal training periodization remains unclear and the preventive effect may depend on intervention compliance, 31 football players

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Tülay Çevik Saldıran, Emine Atıcı, Derya Azim Rezaei, Özgül Öztürk, Burcu Uslu, Burcu Ateş Özcan and Begüm Okudan

order. All participants were informed before the session. A familiarization session was performed approximately a week prior to the study. Repetitive exercises were accompanied by a specialized physiotherapist. At this time the vibration platform was switched off. After this training period, the session

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Amanda L. Ager, Dorien Borms, Magali Bernaert, Vicky Brusselle, Mazarine Claessens, Jean-Sébastien Roy and Ann Cools

-replication test (AJPS): ANT 60°, 90°, 120° ABD 60°, 90°, 120° IR ER (Zebris CMS-HS 3-dimensional motion measuring system, Zebris Medical GmbH, Allgäu Germany) 12 wk (after training period) Active–active angle-replication test (AJPS): ANT 60°, 90°, 120° ABD 60°, 90°, 120° IR ER No change in proprioceptive ability

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Paige E. Rice, Herman van Werkhoven, Edward K. Merritt and Jeffrey M. McBride

, Aoki MS . Effects of resistance training periodization on performance and salivary immune-endocrine responses of elite female basketball players . J Sports Med Phys Fitness . 2011 ; 51 ( 4 ): 676 – 682 . PubMed ID: 22212272 22212272 34. Simpson KJ , Pettit M . Jump distance of dance

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Hadi Akbari, Mansour Sahebozamani, Ablolhamid Daneshjoo, Mohammadtaghi Amiri-Khorasani and Yohei Shimokochi

experimental group were performing. A member of the research team supervised all of the training sessions to ensure that the correct technique was used and provide verbal encouragement throughout the training period to help the subjects concentrate on the quality of their movements. Three days after the

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Nathan Waite, John Goetschius and Jakob D. Lauver

It is estimated that between 27% and 70% of all runners sustain a lower-extremity overuse injury during any 1-year training period, 1 – 3 with fatigue fractures of the tibia occurring commonly in runners. 4 One factor that contributes to overuse injuries is the repeated impact forces experienced

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Jana L. Fogaca, Jack C. Watson II and Sam J. Zizzi

psychologists that has many similarities to the IDM, but proposes development along a linear path. This model does not propose the interaction that Stoltenberg and McNeil ( 2009 ) did, but instead focuses on showing different aspects of development within each phase. The phases are: 1) lay helper (pre-training

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Stijn Schouppe, Jessica Van Oosterwijck, Jan R. Wiersema, Stefaan Van Damme, Tine Willems and Lieven Danneels

dominant in this case. However, if the word “red” appeared in a black font, they had to push the black key letter, as, in this case, the font color was dominant. Before the task started, the participants were given a short training period until they fully understood the task. Primary Outcome Measures