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Jonathon J.S. Weakley, Dale B. Read, Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Carlos Ramirez-Lopez, Ben Jones, Cloe Cummins and John A. Sampson

on 6 separate occasions (refer to Figure  1 for study design). The first consisted of baseline physical testing (ie, 40-m sprint and 30-15 intermittent fitness test 20 ), and the second consisted of familiarization of the SSG, which was completed throughout the study. For the SSGs, participants were

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Gustavo Tomazoli, Joao B. Marques, Abdulaziz Farooq and Joao R. Silva

(IFT) and the 40-m straight line sprinting and were performed 1 week before the beginning of the data collection. 24 Following a debrief of the assessments and a standardized warming up, players started the 40-m sprinting test from a standing position with their front foot 0.5 m behind the first

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Yaser Alikhajeh, Elyas Barabadi and Gholam Rasul Mohammad Rahimi

hand with sporadic changes of direction. • Activity: Walking sideways, facing forward and backward, alternating the direction from clockwise to anticlockwise, 3 times in each kind of walk (once for each kind of walk, speed: 0.40 m/s). Exercise 5: Walking in line. • Situation: Hands supported on the

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Ian N. Bezodis, David G. Kerwin, Stephen-Mark Cooper and Aki I.T. Salo

April 7 A1 A3 A4 S6 April 14 A1 A2 S7 April 21 A1 A2 S8 May 5 A1 A2 A4 S9 May 12 A2 A3 S10 May 19 A2 A4 S11 June 2 A1 A2 A3 S12 June 16 A3 A4 S13 June 23 A1 A3 A4 S14 June 30 A3 A4 S15 August 11 A3 Total 10 8 10 7 Two 50-Hz digital cameras (DCR-TRV 900E; Sony Corp, Tokyo, Japan) were mounted 6.40 m

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Steffi L. Colyer, Keith A. Stokes, James L.J. Bilzon, Danny Holdcroft and Aki I.T. Salo

10–20 kg High pulls 40–50 kg Explosive power development Strength-speed Squat jumps 40% BW 3–4 × 2–5 3 Single leg hops 2–3 × 8–10 Double leg bounds 3 × 30 m Supplementary exercises Glute hamstring raises 2 × 8 3 Lunge walks 2 × 10 Higher-velocity/sport-specific Speed Sprints Unloaded 3 × 40 m 3 Sled

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Nick Dobbin, Jamie Highton, Samantha Louise Moss and Craig Twist

prone Yo-Yo IR1 required participants to start each 40-m shuttle in a prone position with their head behind the start line, legs straight, and chest in contact with the ground. Shuttle speed was dictated by an audio signal commencing at 10 km·h −1 and increasing 0.5 km·h −1 approximately every 60

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Andrea Nicolò, Marco Montini, Michele Girardi, Francesco Felici, Ilenia Bazzucchi and Massimo Sacchetti

an incremental test that consists of 30-s shuttle runs interspersed with 15 seconds of recovery. 18 Velocity was set at 8 km·h −1 for the first 30-s run and was increased by 0.5 km·h −1 every 45 seconds thereafter. The test required the participants to run back and forth between 2 lines set 40 m

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Sergio Jiménez-Rubio, Archit Navandar, Jesús Rivilla-García and Victor Paredes-Hernández

by another set of 4 DRSA drills. 34 Each DRSA was carried out at a 40-m + 40-m distance (8 + 8 s) at velocities ≥ 18 km/h. There was a rest of 16 s between DRSA, and 1′45″ on completion of each set. 8 min 18 s 11 Three sets of soccer-specific drills, including change of direction with uncertainty

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Aitor Iturricastillo, Cristina Granados, Raúl Reina, José Manuel Sarabia, Ander Romarate and Javier Yanci

the timing gates situated 0.40 m above the floor. Participants completed 6 trials in a randomized order; making 3 changes of direction turning to the left and another 3 changes of direction turning to the right with at least 3-minute rest between trials. The best trials per side were used for

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Ahmed Ismaeel, Suzy Weems and Darryn S. Willoughby

.4) .40 M-B: 7/14 Str: 1/16 Thiamin (mg) 2.3 (1.1) 2.4 (0.9) .45 M-B: 1/14 Str: 0/16 Riboflavin (mg) 3.9 (1.6) 4.0 (1.2) .46 M-B: 0/14 Str: 0/16 Niacin (mg) 46.8 (21.3) 55.6 (33.9) .28 M-B: 0/14 Str: 0/16 Pyridoxine (mg) 4.1 (2.1) 4.2 (1.9) .46 M-B: 0/14 Str: 0/16 Folic acid (μg) 705.1 (515.6) 828.2 (309