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Brian D. Dauenhauer, Xiaofen D. Keating and Dolly Lambdin

Activity Recall (3DPAR) Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA; required by PEP grant) Daily pedometer steps (within and beyond the school day) 5-Item Fruit and Vegetable Questionnaire (YRBS) 20-Meter Shuttle Run (PACER) Height & weight (BMI) Push Ups FITNESSGRAM ® (partial overlap with GPRA

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Christine W. St. Laurent, Brittany Masteller and John Sirard

portable stadiometer (Shorr Height Measuring Board; Weigh and Measure, LLC, Olney, MD). Body mass index (BMI) was calculated, and BMI percentiles were determined using age and sex ( 9 ). Muscular Fitness Muscular fitness measures were assessed with select FITNESSGRAM ® assessments (ie, Trunk Lift, 90

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Brendan T. O’Keeffe, Alan E. Donnelly and Ciaran MacDonncha

results ( 38 , 53 ). Fitness tests are often administered in the form of a test battery, a set of 2 or more tests used to assess a component(s) of physical fitness. International examples currently in use in school settings include FitnessGram ® (United States), CNPFT (China), ALPHA (European Union

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Gregory J. Welk

participatory research project called the NFL PLAY 60 FitnessGram Partnership Project ( Welk et al., 2016 ). The focus in that project was on education applications, but a formalized evaluation was conducted in 1 year of the project to examine the age and gender patterns in the sample (unpublished findings

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Louise L. Hardy, Ding Ding, Louisa R. Peralta, Seema Mihrshahi and Dafna Merom

completed was categorized as “needs improvement” or in the “healthy zone,” according to the age- and sex-adjusted criterion-reference standard from FitnessGram®. 23 Seven FMS were assessed: 4 locomotor skills (sprint run, vertical jump, side gallop, and leap) and 3 object control skills (catch, overarm

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Claire C. Murchison, Avery Ironside, Lila M.A. Hedayat and Heather J.A. Foulds

to estimate musculoskeletal fitness; maximal anaerobic power is often assessed by a stair climb test and grip strength, a measure of muscular strength, is commonly measured by handgrip dynamometers. 22 , 23 Several common measures of musculoskeletal fitness are incorporated into the FITNESSGRAM

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Risto Marttinen, Dillon Landi, Ray N. Fredrick III and Stephen Silverman

have played a role in pedagogy for quite some time ( Silverman, 1997 ). Examples of digital technologies are evident in the use of FitnessGram ® ( Pluim & Gard, 2018 ), pedometers ( McCaughtry, Oliver, Dillon, & Martin, 2008 ), social media ( Goodyear, Casey, & Kirk, 2014 ), and gamification

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Narelle Eather, Mark R. Beauchamp, Ryan E. Rhodes, Thierno M.O. Diallo, Jordan J. Smith, Mary E. Jung, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Michael Noetel, Nigel Harris, Emily Graham and David R. Lubans

was to examine the association between adolescents’ SE for HIIT and measures of actual and perceived CRF, after adjusting for sex, age, and socioeconomic status (SES). CRF was assessed using the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run using FitnessGram testing procedures ( Cooper Institute

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Morgan N. Clennin and Russell R. Pate

-reported physical activity level. Heart rate was measured during each exercise stage of the treadmill test and used to estimate maximal oxygen consumption (ie, VO 2 max). Using age- and sex-specific thresholds established by the FITNESSGRAM protocol, estimated VO 2 max was then categorized into one of 2 fitness

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Jodie Andruschko, Anthony D. Okely and Phil Pearson

. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Surveillance Summaries, 59 ( SS-5 ), 1 – 148 . Cohen , J. ( 1988 ). Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences ( 2nd ed. ). Hillsdale, MI : Lawrence Erlbaum . Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research . ( 1999 ). FITNESSGRAM test administration manual