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Katherine A. Tamminen, Kaleigh Ferdinand Pennock and Courtney Braun

effectiveness training for men living with HIV: Preliminary findings . International Journal of STD and AIDS, 2 (Suppl. 7) , 75 – 82 . doi: 10.1258/0956462961917690 10.1258/0956462961917690 Chesney , M.A. , Neilands , T.B. , Chambers , D.B. , Taylor , J.M. , & Folkman , S. ( 2006 ). A validity

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Heloisa Suzano de Almeida, Flávia Porto, Marcelo Porretti, Gabriella Lopes, Daniele Fiorot, Priscila dos Santos Bunn and Elirez Bezerra da Silva

following calculation was made: SD  =  SE  × √ n . CI = confidence interval; Std. = standard. Figure  2 shows the general forest plot (Figure  2c ) of this meta-analysis with 11 articles and 13 results included. The studies had 211 participants with PD, who belonged to the groups performing dance

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Adelle Gadowski, Alice J. Owen, Andrea Curtis, Natalie Nanayakkara, Stephane Heritier, Marie Misso and Sophia Zoungas

intervention group compared with control group. CI = confidence interval; IV = inverse variance; Std. = standardized. Maximum heart rate The results from three trials, comprising 152 participants, which measured maximum heart rate as part of graded exercise testing, were pooled using a random effects model

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Kenneth Färnqvist, Stephen Pearson and Peter Malliaras

difference. Figure 2 —Comparison of thickness outcomes measured by ultrasound between eccentric exercise (Alfredson protocol) and a heavy slow exercise protocol or stretching. CI, confidence interval; Std., standard. Tendon Size Changes and Clinical Outcomes Findings with Eccentric Exercise in Achilles

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Alessandra Buja, Andrea Rabensteiner, Milena Sperotto, Giulia Grotto, Chiara Bertoncello, Silvia Cocchio, Tatjana Baldovin, Paolo Contu, Chiara Lorini and Vincenzo Baldo

, Bennett CL . Health literacy and patient knowledge in a Southern US HIV clinic . Int J STD AIDS . 2004 ; 15 ( 11 ): 747 – 752 . PubMed ID: 15537462 doi: 10.1258/0956462042395131

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Lena Hübner, Solveig Vieluf, Ben Godde and Claudia Voelcker-Rehage

between applied and target force ( SD ), represents an overall estimate of performance variability. SD was calculated with the formula implemented in MATLAB R2017a as SD  =  std ( applied force – target force) . (b) Relative timing and relative force at the local maxima of the sine waves were analyzed

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Matthew Katz, Aaron C. Mansfield and B. David Tyler

. , Feng , H. , Cai , Y. , Rhodes , A. & Grusky , O. ( 2009 ). Egocentric networks of Chinese men who have sex with men: Network components, condom use norms, and safer sex . AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 23, 885 – 893 . PubMed ID: 19803695 doi:10.1089/apc.2009.0043 10.1089/apc.2009.0043 Lock

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Damien Whitburn, Adam Karg and Paul Turner

quality; Func Ben = functional benefit; Ex Ben = experiential benefit; Comb. = combined; Satis = satisfaction; Std = standard. Table 6 Hypotheses Testing (H1–H5) Hypothesis Data set Standardized estimates Composite reliabilities p Significance Supported H6a—Func Ben --> BI Comb. 0.21 8.76 <.01 Yes Yes H6a