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Michael Mutz and Marlena van Munster

activity, urban planning initiatives to foster active travel like cycling and walking, the implementation of health and activity promotion in schools, community interventions to promote physical activity among senior citizens, or the development of campaigns to raise public awareness for physical activity

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Levy Silva Rezende, Markus Brendon Lima and Emanuel Péricles Salvador

activity levels . Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act . 2012 ; 9 : 52 . PubMed ID: 22546283 doi:10.1186/1479-5868-9-52 22546283 10.1186/1479-5868-9-52 19. Schoeppe S , Duncan MJ , Badland H , Oliver M , Curtis C . Associations of children’s independent mobility and active travel with physical

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Kristen Day

activity in unique ways in developing countries. 16 For example, active travel and active work may be the only alternatives for many residents of developing countries. At the same time, other built environment factors that have received less attention, such as pollution and temperature, may impact

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to estimate ratios of concentrations in active travel vs motorized travel modes for fine particulate matter (PM2.5), ultrafine particles (UFP), black carbon (BC) and carbon monoxide (CO). Comparisons were made for ratios obtained in different continents. Results: Of 280 articles examined, 27

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Matthew Pearce, David H. Saunders, Peter Allison and Anthony P. Turner

physical activity among children and adults: a review of qualitative studies . Health Educ Res. 2006 ; 21 ( 6 ): 826 – 835 . PubMed doi:10.1093/her/cyl063 10.1093/her/cyl063 16857780 32. Fyhri A , Hjorthol R , Mackett RL , Fotel TN , Kytta M . Children’s active travel and independent

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Pasmore Malambo, Andre P. Kengne, Estelle V. Lambert, Anniza De Villiers and Thandi Puoane

spend less time in moderate to vigorous PA than those without access to private vehicles. 17 Therefore, in some cases, the impact of the perceived built environment on levels of PA may depend on the underlying reasons for PA, for example, leisure time compared with active travel or transport. Few

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Pamela K. Samra, Amanda L. Rebar, Lynne Parkinson, Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen, Stephanie Schoeppe, Deborah Power, Anthony Schneiders, Corneel Vandelanotte and Stephanie Alley

and active travel in older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis . International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 14 , 15 . PubMed ID: 28166790 doi:10.1186/s12966-017-0471-5 10.1186/s12966-017-0471-5 Greenwood-Hickman , M.A. , Renz , A. , & Rosenberg , D

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Ka-Man Leung, Pak-Kwong Chung, Tin-Lok Yuen, Jing Dong Liu and Donggen Wang

Kong Medical Journal, 1 , 207 – 211 . Clark , A.F. , & Scott , D.M. ( 2013 ). Does the social environment influence active travel? An investigation of walking in Hamilton, Canada . Journal of Transport Geography, 31 , 278 – 285 . doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2013.06.005 10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2013

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Koren L. Fisher, Elizabeth L. Harrison, Brenda G. Bruner, Joshua A. Lawson, Bruce A. Reeder, Nigel L. Ashworth, M. Suzanne Sheppard and Karen E. Chad

. ( 2017 ). The neighbourhood physical environment and active travel in older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis . International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity, 14 ( 1 ), 15 – 37 . PubMed doi:10.1186/s12966-017-0471-5 10.1186/s12966-017-0471-5 Chaudhury , H. , Campo

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Meera Sreedhara, Karin Valentine Goins, Christine Frisard, Milagros C. Rosal and Stephenie C. Lemon

.131021-QUAN-536 10.4278/ajhp.131021-QUAN-536 33. Thrun E , Leider J , Chriqui JF . Exploring the cross-sectional association between transit-oriented development zoning and active travel and transit usage in the United States, 2010–2014 . Front Public Health . 2016 ; 4 : 113 . PubMed ID