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Kelsey L. Boulé and Courtney W. Mason

have drawn a clear correlation between hunting education, economic drivers, and conservation practices. When citizens are educated on how hunting as a tourism activity is a major economic benefit, they are then more likely to invest in the protection and longevity of the wildlife. 69 The concept that

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Christopher M. McLeod, Haozhou Pu and Joshua I. Newman

residents, who noted this correlation and see blue sky less frequently after 2008, have (sometimes sarcastically) taken to calling this link between event and air quality “Olympic Blue.” Sociologists of sport are accustomed to pointing out the ideologies, propaganda, symbols, and brands that saturate sport

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. Correlations and hierarchical regressions were conducted to establish the nature of any associations between measures of teammate influence with disordered eating and compulsive exercise behaviors. There were no significant differences between lean and non-lean athletes for the disordered eating, compulsive

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Leticia Oseguera, Dan Merson, C. Keith Harrison and Sue Rankin

correlation was found between Asian Americans’ reported stages of depression and the negative perceptions they encountered on college campuses. Additional literature suggests that climate influences a student’s degree of engagement with their learning. Salter and Persaud ( 2003 ) examined the classroom

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Orlagh Farmer, Donna Duffy, Kevin Cahill, Diarmuid Lester, Sarahjane Belton and Wesley O’Brien

activity? The PACE questionnaire presents a test-retest reliability assessed by the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) of 0.77 ( Sánchez, Víllora, & Suárez, 2016 ), and, due to its simplicity and ease of understanding, the PACE questionnaire was suitable for the 8–12-year-old cohort. Questions on

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repeated measures, and a Bonferroni post-hoc test. Pearson correlation coefficient assessed the relationship between changes in anthropometric, physiological and psychological variables. Zumba provided significant positive changes in VO 2 max (+3.6%), self-perception of physical strength (+16.3%) and

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Christopher R. Hill, Deborah L. Feltz, Stephen Samendinger and Karin A. Pfeiffer

theorized and hypothesized relationships, leading to an amplified relationship between the variables. This discrepancy in the temporal order of measurement might be partially responsible for the large heterogeneity of correlations in the reviewed sample of studies. Finally, theories such as social

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Colin D. McLaren and Kevin S. Spink

accounted for in task cohesion above and beyond the social properties of communication. As this was the first study to consider the social and cognitive properties together, no specific hypotheses were forwarded as to the unique weighting (i.e., semipartial correlations) of each property of communication

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Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Kyle B. Heuett, Tarkington J. Newman and Shea M. Brgoch

second 10-min segment of video was coded. After the second coder training, intercoder reliability was calculated using an intraclass correlation and indicated an agreement rate of .94. Interactions were further categorized by the time of practice they occurred including prepractice, practice, during

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Daniel Maderer, Petros Parganas and Christos Anagnostopoulos

significant correlation between the number of posts and the number of fans on both Facebook and Twitter was found. Analysis of Posts The first part of the research consisted of analyses and statistical tests regarding the clubs’ posts. Analysis of Type of Brand Attribute With regard to brand attributes, clubs