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Thomas G. Almonroeder, Emily Watkins and Tricia Widenhoefer

condition first, and 5 participants performed the FoAex condition first. Preliminary Data Processing The marker and ground reaction force data were filtered using a fourth-order, zero-lag, recursive Butterworth filter with a cutoff frequency of 20 Hz. Right-handed Cartesian local coordinate systems were

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Albert R. Mendoza, Kate Lyden, John Sirard, John Staudenmayer, Catrine Tudor-Locke and Patty S. Freedson

(PL), Misfit Flash (MFF), Fitbit One (FBO), Hexoskin (HxSkin), Misfit Shine (MFS), Apple iWatch (AiW), NL-1000 (NL), and Withings Pulse (WP). The DO method for data processing employed in the present study was previously described by Lyden et al ( Lyden, Keadle, Staudenmayer, & Freedson, 2014 ; Lyden

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Yang Bai, Kelly Allums-Featherston, Pedro F. Saint-Maurice, Gregory J. Welk and Norma Candelaria

PA and PE along with the 15 items from YAP. Once students completed the questions, they received immediate feedback about their PA and SB. Data Processing All the data students entered were saved and stored in the YAP server and extracted by the research team for analysis. The data were initially

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Jeffrey C. Cowley, Steven T. McCaw, Kelly R. Laurson and Michael R. Torry

positive work was defined as the integral of joint power from the end of the countermovement until takeoff. Trials were reviewed for a second time during data processing to ensure success criteria described above were met. For participants who achieved only 2 successful trials, the higher jump of the 2

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Amy R. Lewis, William S.P. Robertson, Elissa J. Phillips, Paul N. Grimshaw and Marc Portus

, these methods often do not report individual muscles. 28 Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography can present more accurate measurements of muscle size; however, these are not always practically feasible. These methods are associated with considerable expense and operational costs, data-processing

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Anamaria Laudet Silva Mangubat, Janet Hanwen Zhang, Zoe Yau-Shan Chan, Aislinn Joan MacPhail, Ivan Pui-Hung Au and Roy Tsz-Hei Cheung

subjects turned their gaze toward the LED light, identified the color to the researcher, and kept their gaze at that light until the light sequence was completed. Data Processing Acceleration and ground force reaction data were sampled at 1000 Hz, filtered at 50 Hz with a fourth-order Butterworth low

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Beatriz H. Thames and Stacey L. Gorniak

NI-9205 input modules, National Instruments, Austin, TX, USA). A customized Labview program (National Instruments, Austin, TX, USA) was used for data acquisition and customized MATLAB (Mathworks Inc., Natick, MA, USA) programs were written for data processing. Signals were sampled at 100 Hz and low

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Logan A. Lucas, Benjamin S. England, Travis W. Mason, Christopher R. Lanning, Taylor M. Miller, Alexander M. Morgan and Thomas Gus Almonroeder

percentage of the mean) was calculated for each subject/condition as an indicator of the intertrial variability (“impact variability”). Acceleration data are presented relative to the acceleration due to gravity ( g ). A custom MATLAB script was used for data processing (MathWorks, Inc, Natick, MA). For both

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Jason Lake, Peter Mundy, Paul Comfort, John J. McMahon, Timothy J. Suchomel and Patrick Carden

negated by zeroing the laboratory force plate system before each trial). Quiet standing force SD was calculated and the start threshold of body weight set as ±5SD; subsequent data processing began 30 ms before this point because research shows that the subject is still motionless here and the assumption

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Marcin Straczkiewicz, Jacek Urbanek and Jaroslaw Harezlak

general-purpose data processing software (e.g., Matlab or R) or dedicated software provided by device manufacturer (e.g., ActiLife by ActiGraph) ( Brønd & Arvidsson, 2016 ; Skotte, Korshøj, Kristiansen, Hanisch, & Holtermann, 2014 ; Zhou et al., 2015 ). The downside of using software like Matlab or R