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Rajni Rai, Michelle I. Jongenelis, Ben Jackson, Robert U. Newton and Simone Pettigrew

. Methods Study Design and Sample The present cross-sectional analysis is based on baseline data collected as part of a larger study designed to assess factors influencing healthy aging in older Australians ( Pettigrew, Jongenelis, Newton, Warburton, & Jackson, 2015 ). This study involved four components of

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Kristi A. Allain

attention to the kinds of tradition associated with the lives of aging men offers a social challenge to commonsense, often neo-liberal notions of health and healthy aging and may work to disrupt commonsense ideology that positions near constant activity and a will to health as the only appropriate way to

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Adrián Hernández-Vicente, Alejandro Santos-Lozano, Carmen Mayolas-Pi, Gabriel Rodríguez-Romo, Helios Pareja-Galeano, Natalia Bustamante, Eva M. Gómez-Trullén, Alejandro Lucia and Nuria Garatachea

The population of centenarians (≥100 years) is steadily increasing globally ( Byass, 2008 ) being the paradigm of human extreme longevity and healthy aging because they have postponed, if not avoided, major age-related diseases, for example, cancer, cardiovascular disease, or neurodegeneration

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Brian D. Street and William Gage

ability remain post-TKR compared with healthy age-matched controls. 1 , 6 Notably, asymmetrical gait patterns, such as sagittal plane knee kinematics and vertical loading at toe-off, have been observed in patients with OA, and this altered gait pattern is often retained after TKR. 7 – 10 It has been

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Stephen Harvey, Chris Rissel and Mirjam Pijnappels

findings represent that those who have continued cycling have a good current physical and confidence status, at least in the Dutch population. Cycling could therefore be considered as a representation of active and healthy aging. The findings of this study need to be taken into consideration with the

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Ashleigh J. Sowle, Sarah L. Francis, Jennifer A. Margrett, Mack C. Shelley and Warren D. Franke

(NCOA) . ( 2014 ). Physical activity . Center for Healthy Aging . Retrieved from National Rural Health Association . ( 2011 ). Elder health in rural America . Retrieved from http

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Volker Cihlar and Sonia Lippke

lifestyle factor is physical activity, which will therefore be investigated in the current study. Regular physical activity supports healthy aging in the sense that it helps individuals to remain healthy or to improve their health. Physical activity reduces the risk for most of the common causes of death

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Leah E. Robinson

) conduct interdisciplinary research on issues related to healthy aging; (b) provide professional training of students and health care practitioners working with older adults in a variety of settings; (c) offer a variety of health, psychological, and functional assessments; (d) conduct a range of community

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Dereck L. Salisbury and Fang Yu

ideomotor apraxia in persons with AD at all stages of the disease ( Sheridan & Hausdorff, 2007 ). In particular, persons with AD have been shown to have shorter step length, slower gait speed and stepping frequency, greater step-to-step variability, and larger sway relative to healthy, age-matched older

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Julien Louis, Fabrice Vercruyssen, Olivier Dupuy and Thierry Bernard

.e., training, diet, sleep) and their physical capacities also represents a valuable resource to further the understanding of the biological aging process (i.e., not influenced by environmental factors, such as sedentariness) and strategies for healthy aging ( Lazarus & Harridge, 2017 ; Louis, Hausswirth, Easthope