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Moslem Bahmani, Jed A. Diekfuss, Robabeh Rostami, Nasim Ataee and Farhad Ghadiri

), however, proposed a planning-control model which argues that movement planning, not movement execution, is susceptible to visual illusions ( Glover & Dixon, 2001 ). From Glover and Dixon’s perspective, the extent to which illusion influences a goal-directed action depends on the relative importance of

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Irene Muir, Krista J. Munroe-Chandler and Todd Loughead

. Alternatively, another dancer might find this image ineffective, as it results in stiffness during movement execution. From the qualitative findings of Nordin and Cumming’s ( 2005 ) study, a dance-specific measure was developed to assess the frequency of dancers’ imagery use (Dance Imagery Questionnaire

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Cornelia Frank, Gian-Luca Linstromberg, Linda Hennig, Thomas Heinen and Thomas Schack

the movement on a 7-point Likert scale. Thus, following movement execution, participants imagine the movement, by focusing either on the visual modality or the kinesthetic modality, resulting in a final rating of eight items. Manipulation Check In addition to the measures described previously

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Jennifer Campbell, Stephanie Rossit and Matthew Heath

(<6% of trials). All CL trials analyzed here entailed fixation in the appropriate visual field. Of course, a fixation task was not possible for the OL condition, given that the goggles were set to the translucent state during movement execution. Notably, however, the performance of the fixation task

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Camilo Sáenz-Moncaleano, Itay Basevitch and Gershon Tenenbaum

-skill players in the current study. Successful performance entails an optimal balance between the timings for relevant information extraction, adequate motor programming, and movement execution under circumstances of time constraints, such as successfully intercepting a tennis ball. It has been suggested that

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Nicholas E. Fears and Jeffrey J. Lockman

handwriting movements of patients with depression . Psychopharmacology, 159 ( 2 ), 211 – 215 . PubMed ID: 11862351 doi: 10.1007/s002130100921 Tucha , O. , Mecklinger , L. , Walitza , S. , & Lange , K.W. ( 2006 ). Attention and movement execution during handwriting . Human Movement Science

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Mark L. Latash

. Second, in many recent studies, synergy means a number of elemental variables (for example, muscle activations, joint rotations, or digit forces) that show parallel changes with changes in task parameters and/or over the time of movement execution ( d’Avella, Saltiel, & Bizzi, 2003 ; Jerde, Soechting

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April Karlinsky and Nicola J. Hodges

.1037/0033-2909.94.2.265 Bouquet , C.A. , Gaurier , V. , Shipley , T. , Toussaint , L. , & Blandin , Y. ( 2007 ). Influence of the perception of biological or non-biological motion on movement execution . Journal of Sports Sciences, 25 ( 5 ), 519 – 530 . PubMed ID: 17365539 doi:10.1080/02640410600946803 10

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Thomas Finkenzeller, Sabine Würth, Michael Doppelmayr and Günter Amesberger

movement execution but not central processing . Neuroscience, 346 , 149 – 159 . PubMed ID: 28119105 doi:10.1016/j.neuroscience.2017.01.020 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2017.01.020 Borer , K.T. ( 2003 ). Exercise endocrinology . Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics . Borg , G. ( 1998 ). Borg’s perceived

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Blai Ferrer-Uris, Albert Busquets and Rosa Angulo-Barroso

RL-RMSE among groups, χ 2 (2) = 1.320; p  = .517; η p 2 = .049 (EX-rVMA: Mdn  = −0.461, rVMA-EX: Mdn  = −0.3204, and CON: Mdn  = −0.320; Figure  2b ). These results indicate that movement execution and especially errors across trials during the adaptation set were not affected by the iE. Figure