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Esther Casas, Arturo Justes and Carlos Calvo

activity by introducing different facilitators into the resting position in the following order: looking to the right side, diaphragmatic breathing, and looking to the right plus diaphragmatic breathing. The minimal RMS value obtained was used for the normalization. First, the DNS–certified physiotherapist

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Mey A. van Munster, Laureen J. Lieberman and Michelle A. Grenier

of their interviews prior to the analysis. Findings To identify the distinct approaches used by PE teachers to accommodate SWDs included in PE classes, the results were organized into three main themes of analysis, according to the thematic map (Figure  1 ): (a) normalized instruction (NI): same

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Guillermo Mendez-Rebolledo, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Eduardo Guzman-Muñoz, Valeska Gatica-Rojas, Alexis Dabanch-Santis and Francisco Diaz-Valenzuela

jump and would reduce the muscle onset latency and modify the muscle recruitment order. Methods Design The current study used a pretest–posttest design. Dependent variables included EMG onset latency, vertical jump height, and normalized ground reaction force (nGRF). Independent variables included KT

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Franco M. Impellizzeri, Matthew S. Tenan, Tom Kempton, Andrew Novak and Aaron J. Coutts

meaningful relative measures of TL for prognostic purposes is still required. 22 In the presence of a substantial association, simple ratios are well-recognized for failing to normalize the numerator variable (acute load) consistently for the denominator variable (chronic load). 23 In a follow-up study

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Guilherme M. Cesar, Rebecca Lewthwaite and Susan M. Sigward

-related differences in performance of athletic locomotor tasks have been observed between pre-pubertal children and young adults. During running and cutting tasks, children re-direct their momentum using larger impact forces (i.e., body weight-normalized ground reaction forces) than young adults ( Sigward, Pollard

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Christopher A. Bailey, Maxana Weiss and Julie N. Côté

lower limbs (Figure  1 ). This posture was the starting position for each trial. A cylinder (diameter = 6.5 cm; mass = 0.5 kg) was placed 40 cm from the front edge of the table, centered in front of the participant. The distance of the cylinder was normalized to each participant by measuring their

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Jinger S. Gottschall, Bryce Hastings and Zachary Becker

linear envelopes from the EMG signals and calculated the mean EMG amplitude for each 4-second eccentric and concentric phase. In order to compare conditions and hand positions between participants, we normalized the activity of each muscle to the wide push-up on knees. Also, to compare push-ups on toes

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Carl Foster, Jos J. de Koning, Christian Thiel, Bram Versteeg, Daniel A. Boullosa, Daniel Bok and John P. Porcari

results were blinded to individual identity. Performance times were expressed in minutes and seconds, allowing conversion into segment-by-segment velocity, which could be normalized for the mean velocity within an event and into the CV of velocity within an event. In an event in which a given athlete

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Matthew C. Hoch, Johanna M. Hoch, Cameron J. Powden, Emily H. Gabriel and Lauren A. Welsch

risk for ankle sprains. 9 Additionally, collegiate athletes exhibiting decreased normalized SEBT anterior reach distances or increased anterior reach asymmetry on the YBT or SEBT had greater lower extremity injury risk. 7 , 8 , 10 Therefore, understanding the contributing factors for anterior reach

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Damien Moore, Adam I. Semciw, Jodie McClelland, Henry Wajswelner and Tania Pizzari

requested to perform a series of maximum voluntary isometric contractions (MVICs) to normalize each participant’s exercise data for each GMin segment. This protocol has previously been established in trials that investigate level gait. 13 , 32 Previous pilot testing revealed that any 1 of 6 different hip