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Heita Goto and James A. King

Small-sided games (SSGs) are commonly used as a training drill by coaches to develop the physical fitness ( 20 , 25 , 35 ) or technical and tactical abilities ( 27 , 32 , 36 ) of soccer players. Many studies have investigated the variables that influence physical demands during SSGs ( 22 ); such

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Matthew R. Blair, Nathan Elsworthy, Nancy J. Rehrer, Chris Button and Nicholas D. Gill

and physiological demands on the players, less is known as to the impact these have on the referee. There has been limited research into the physical demands of rugby union refereeing, notable investigations being with English Premiership officials 5 and New Zealand Division 2 referees. 6 More

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International Sport Coaching Journal


, cage hockey, possession, and two-goals) were manipulated. Match performance was determined using notational analysis, and physical demands by GPS analyses. Findings revealed that lowering the number of players increased the number of technical actions per player and the physical demands of the SSG. The

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Ryan M. Chambers, Tim J. Gabbett and Michael H. Cole

Commercially available microtechnology devices containing global positioning systems (GPSs) and microsensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers) are commonly used to quantify the physical demands of rugby union. 1 During match play and training, players are divided into subgroups of

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Brock Laschowski, Naser Mehrabi and John McPhee

wheelchair curling. These investigations would provide unprecedented insights into the physical demands of this Paralympic sport. One of the main objectives of biomechanists is to evaluate the dynamics (ie, forces and moments) associated with human movements. Experimentally measuring the forces of individual

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Live S. Luteberget, Benjamin R. Holme and Matt Spencer

Analyses of physical demands in team sports can provide a better understanding of physical performance. This may help to improve the practice of training and the physical development of players, 1 – 3 in addition to load management. 4 , 5 Global positioning system (GPS) technology is one of the

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Charlie Bowen, Kristian Weaver, Nicola Relph and Matt Greig

prevalence in elite youth players has been shown to be higher than that observed in their senior peers, attributed to training exposure in young elite players who lack the skeletal maturity to tolerate the physical demands imposed. 2 Lower-limb musculoskeletal abnormalities, malalignment, and a reduced

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Dale B. Read, Ben Jones, Sean Williams, Padraic J. Phibbs, Josh D. Darrall-Jones, Greg A.B. Roe, Jonathon J.S. Weakley, Andrew Rock and Kevin Till

 al . Movement demands of elite U20 international rugby union players . PLoS ONE . 2016 ; 11 ( 4 ): 0153275 . doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153275 4. Read D , Jones B , Phibbs P , et al . Physical demands of representative match-play in adolescent rugby union . J Strength Cond Res . 2017 ; 31 ( 5

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Mário A.M. Simim, Gustavo R. da Mota, Moacir Marocolo, Bruno V.C. da Silva, Marco Túlio de Mello and Paul S. Bradley

capacity measures ( Özkan et al., 2012 ; Simim et al., 2013 , 2017 ). Thus, research has yet to examine the physiological and metabolic demands of AS match-play. The physical demands of able-bodied soccer matches have traditionally been determined using match analysis in addition to physiological and

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Javier Yanci, Daniel Castillo, Aitor Iturricastillo, Tomás Urbán and Raúl Reina

offered about short-term actions in CP football matches. However, information about the external ML in footballers with CP, paying special attention to short-term high-intensity actions, could help coaches to better understand the physical demands of CP football in each FT. Furthermore, this knowledge may