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Velina B. Brackebusch

the world, similar to what others encounter in service-learning courses. According to Pigza ( 2010 ), “In the midst of critical reflection, students become constructive critics of themselves, society, policies, and course content” (p. 75). All of the students were able to benefit from the in

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Megan B. Shreffler

: Confronting race and the apartheid past . Stanford, CA : Stanford University Press . Jones , B.A. , Arcelus , J. , Bouman , W.P. , & Haycraft , E. ( 2017 ). Sport and transgender people: A systematic review of the literature relating to sport participation and competitive sport policies . Sports

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Molly Hayes Sauder and Cheryl R. Rode

Higher education is widely considered to be an industry in a state of disruption, with a number of “trends and forces” making a substantial impact on it ( Renn, 2018 , para. 2). The industry is continuously influenced by factors ranging from a push for accountability by policy makers, to

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Carrie W. LeCrom, Brendan Dwyer and Gregory Greenhalgh

’s behavior in the context of their culture. b , * 14. My opinions about national policies are based on how those policies might affect the rest of the world as well as the United States. b 15. It is very important to me to choose a career in which I can have a positive effect on the quality of life for

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James E. Johnson, Robert M. Turick, Michael F. Dalgety, Khirey B. Walker, Eric L. Klosterman and Anya T. Eicher

.5325/jasseinsteffe.8.1-2.0086 Kaplan , S.N. ( 2017 ). Advocacy: Defining academic rigor . Gifted Child Today, 40 ( 4 ), 218 – 219 . doi:10.1177/1076217517723950 10.1177/1076217517723950 Kirst , M.W. ( 2009 ). Progress and gaps in college preparation policy . Education Commission of the States . Retrieved

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Robyn Lubisco, Genevieve F.E. Birren and Ryan Vooris

’s Corporation (New York, NY) downgraded the financial outlook for higher education to “negative” due to uncertainty over federal policies ( Fain, 2017 ). Changes in state policy may also negatively impact the job market for sport management faculty. For example, in 2018, Missouri State Representative Rick

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Haylee U. Mercado and John Grady

social literacy by learning such things as “population demographics, consumption trends, economic development models, and policy priorities” ( Brook, 2011 ). It is important to recognize that the sequence of the courses is not as important as is the student gaining a working knowledge of key concepts to

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Lynley Ingerson and Michael L. Naraine

, code of behavior issues, and the CA anti-doping and illicit substance program. It [coordinated] with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other ICC member countries, to ensure CA is aligned with ICC best practice codes and policies . . . [including] all disciplinary protocols for domestic

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Joshua R. Pate and Alyssa T. Bosley

, & Miloch, 2011 ), effectiveness ( Miranda, Chamorro, Rubio, & Rodriguez, 2014 ), fan identification and engagement ( Billings, Broussard, Xu, & Xu, 2018 ; Hopkins, 2013 ; Watkins, 2014 ), social media policies ( Sanderson, 2011 ), strategies for college athletic departments ( O’Hallarn, Morehead

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Lynley Ingerson, Michael L. Naraine, Nola Agha and Daniel J. Pedroza

’s social media team is entrusted with developing strategies that speak in a voice appealing to the region’s unique fan base. A well-designed social media plan must be aligned to organization-wide programs and policies as well as guide the relationship with sponsors and partners, enabling them to reach the