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Douglas Booth

action. Here Gruneau cites Sugden ( 2006 , p. 221) for whom socially conscious individuals now recognize that “doing nothing may no longer be an option.” Critiques of development policies and strategies leave no doubt that sport alone will not “substantially reduce global poverty” (174). Nonetheless

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Taylor M. Henry

exclusivity between sports and the outside political and cultural world, demonstrating the direct consequences of policies and cultural discourses surrounding race, poverty, ethics, sexuality, and identity. The book effectively bridges disciplinary divides and, whether taken as a whole or chapter by chapter

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Diana Marina Camargo, Paula Camila Ramírez, Vanesa Quiroga, Paola Ríos, Rogério César Férmino and Olga L. Sarmiento

park use among both high- and low-poverty area populations. Nonetheless, no differences were found in observed park use by neighborhood poverty level. Leslie et al 13 found that residents of high-SES areas live in environments that promote park use, which positively contributes to their weekly amounts

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Maria Kosma, David Buchanan and Jan Hondzinski

exercise guidelines compared to 33.9% of older White women and 33.7% of older African American men. African Americans also have higher poverty rates ( Beckles & Truman, 2013 ; Housing Assistance Council, 2012 ; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [USDHHS], Office of Disease Prevention and Health

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Holly Thorpe, Lyndsay Hayhurst and Megan Chawansky

of poverty, thereby having a multiplier effect within their villages, cities, and nations” ( Shain, 2013 , p. 2). The Nike Foundation repeatedly deploys the slogan “invest in a girl and she’ll do the rest”, while the UN Foundation purports that “[w]here there’s a girl, there’s a way” (cited in

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Samantha M. Ross, Ellen Smit, Joonkoo Yun, Kathleen Bogart, Bridget Hatfield and Samuel W. Logan

are precalculated for adolescent children (>10 y) only, based on child’s age and derived from parent-reported height and weight. Household characteristics included income level relative to the 2010 federal poverty level (FPL) of 0%–99%, 100%–199%, 200%–399%, or >400% FPL, highest parental education

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Elizabeth Lorenzo, Jacob Szeszulski, Michael Todd, Scherezade K. Mama and Rebecca E. Lee

.9 Age, mean (SD) 45.07 (9.47) 45.30 (9.39) 44.9 (9.55) .71 44.64 (9.48) 45.87 (9.44) .27 Abbreviations: AT, active transportation; FPL, federal poverty level; GED, general education diploma. Note: Boldface indicates significant. Table 2 Outcome Variables for Sample, and by AT Use and Race

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Xinling Xu, Orgul D. Ozturk, Margaret A. Turk and Suzanne W. McDermott

, race/ethnicity, marital status, poverty level, census region, health insurance status for the year from MEPS, education level, smoking status, and body mass index category. As having chronic conditions might affect the medical expenditures, we also included binary variables for chronic conditions

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Viviene A. Temple, Dawn L. Lefebvre, Stephanie C. Field, Jeff R. Crane, Beverly Smith and Patti-Jean Naylor

, 2005 ; Lloyd, Li, & Hertzman, 2010 ; Pinto Pereira, Li, & Power, 2014 ; World Health Organization, 2007 ). Disadvantage, as gauged by poverty and low socio-economic status, is a predictor of school literacy achievement ( Buckingham, Wheldall, & Beaman-Wheldall, 2013 ), physical health and well

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Stanley Thangaraj

foregrounds how the elimination of poverty, racism, and sexism will do more to provide happiness then neoliberal pontifications concerning individual sporting pleasures. In this instance, I see this book as a great companion along with Douglas Hartmann’s Midnight Basketball ( Hartmann, 2016 ). Even though