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Haichun Sun and Tan Zhang

, and these connections are especially meaningful for students in urban schools or high-poverty schools, where students may face many challenges in their community ( Ennis, 2000 ). When students fail to connect themselves to the learning community or perceive the relevance and values of their

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Joshua Woods

, Evenson, McGinn, & Brines, 2008 ; Wen, Zhang, Harris, Holt, & Croft, 2013 ; Wolch, Wilson, & Fehrenbach, 2005 ). Most of these studies found that as the poverty of neighborhoods increases, the distance from these neighborhoods to parks and green spaces increases. Neighborhoods with higher percentages of

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K. Andrew R. Richards, Kim C. Graber and Amelia Mays Woods

orientation, which aligns with what they perceive that youth need in a community affected by poverty ( Ennis, Chen, & Ross, 1992 ). However, she also learned that many urban physical educators preferred a focus on social responsibility (i.e., respect and order in the classroom) over one on social

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Mark S. Dyreson

of their poverty, disease, and seclusion, they were actually a growing tribe in the 1960s, one of the largest in Mexico with about 50,000 members. In the half-century since, as they have faced new challenges including environmental despoliation of their homelands by mining and logging corporations

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Brian P. McCullough, Madeleine Orr and Nicholas M. Watanabe

strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty . Retrieved from Jose , A. , & Lee , S.M. ( 2007 ). Environmental reporting of global corporations: A content analysis based on website disclosures

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Sharon E. Taverno Ross

poverty and low parental education and to speak a language other than English in the home than non-Hispanic White children ( Landale, Oropesa, & Bradatan, 2006 ). In addition, traumatic early childhood experiences, unequal access to healthy eating and physical activity resources, low participation in

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Shaun M. Anderson and Matthew M. Martin

-born players, recruitment efforts in Latin America can help teams gain 20 players at the cost of $5,000 per player. The problem with this is that most players who are signed under the boatload mentality are usually cut from the team within 2 years and oftentimes return to poverty-stricken neighborhoods

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Glynn M. McGehee, Beth A. Cianfrone and Timothy Kellison

. , Peck , J.F. , Harris , C. , & Wilhide , B. ( 2013 ). Social media in sport marketing . Scottsdale, AZ : Holcomb Hathaway . Nisbet , M. ( 2010 ). Knowledge into action: Framing the debates over climate change and poverty . In P. D’Angelo & J. Kuypers (Eds.), Doing frame analysis

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Carrie W. LeCrom and Tiesha Martin

research with other foci of programs (i.e., reconciliation, poverty alleviation, health outcomes). This would allow for more holistic study of cross-cultural programs that have a larger focus than bringing together different groups, and it would provide an opportunity for possible covariants to emerge

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Jonathan Robertson, Ryan Storr, Andrew Bakos and Danny O’Brien

of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Victoria . Melbourne, Australia : ISEAL, Victoria University . Vandermeerschen , H. , & Scheerder , J. ( 2017 ). Sport managers’ perspectives on poverty and sport: The role of local sport authorities . Sport Management Review, 20