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Jun-Hyung Baek, Emily Jones, Sean Bulger and Andrea Taliaferro

settings has made the effective preparation of pre- and in-service PE teachers for technology integration difficult. Thus, there is a need to explore effective training methods to be used to equip technologically competent pre- and in-service PE teachers for successful technology integration. The purpose

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Ken Pitetti, Ruth Ann Miller and E. Michael Loovis

known. If motor impairment is identified relative to performance, and if performance in youth with ID is affected by differences in sex motor development, sex-specific norms should be established for this population. Therefore, the primary purpose of this study was to determine if age-matched sex

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Kelly M. Meiners and Janice K. Loudon

both the SEBT and the Technobody ™ Pro-Kin are used for assessing postural stability, evaluating the relationship between tests could provide insight into each test’s contribution to postural stability measurement. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between dynamic postural

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Julie DiMatteo, Cynthia Radnitz, Katharine L. Loeb and Jingwen Ni

options they could click at the bottom of their screen to be presented with an alternative list. Although participants selected courses in each of the six major areas during this survey, for the purposes of this study, we analyzed only the selection students made for their well-being course (i

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Ibrahim M. Altubasi

functional activity? Those questions, to our knowledge, also were not explored in the literature and needed to be investigated. Therefore, the purposes of this study were first to examine the association between aging and both the magnitude and side-to-side asymmetry in the femoral NSA. Our second purpose

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Chan Woong Park and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

research has been published which specifically examined the perspectives and practices of IFMs working in American universities and the factors that led to the formation of these perspectives and employment of these practices. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to examine the influences of

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Øyvind F. Standal, Tor Erik H. Nyquist and Hanne H. Mong

evidence supporting this statement, and as noted by Kudláček and Barrett ( 2011 , p. 12), “knowledge of the state of the APA profession in Europe is still very limited.” Therefore, in order to shed light on the APA in rehabilitation, the purpose of this study was to describe and understand the professional

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Tan Leng Goh and Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher

discussion served as a tool for preservice teachers to share and respond to each other with the ideas they have implemented for the MI program, as well as for fidelity purposes (i.e., what and how MI was implemented in each classroom). The preservice teachers also interacted with each other during classes in

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Laura Prior and Matthew Curtner-Smith

specifically focused on the influence of occupational socialization on the curricula constructed and delivered by elementary teachers. This is a significant gap in the literature given the unique characteristics of elementary physical education in terms of organization, students, and culture. The purpose of

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Amparo Escartí, Ramon Llopis-Goig and Paul M. Wright

implementing the program. The current study is part of a larger ongoing evaluation of this school-university partnership ( Escartí et al., 2012 ; Escartí, Wright, Pascual, & Gutiérrez, 2015 ). The overall purpose of this study was to assess the implementation fidelity of a school-based TPSR program. The