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Benjamin Pageaux, Jean Theurel and Romuald Lepers

. PubMed doi:10.1249/MSS.0000000000000448 10.1249/MSS.0000000000000448 25051388 13. Babault N , Pousson M , Ballay Y , Van Hoecke J . Activation of human quadriceps femoris during isometric, concentric, and eccentric contractions . J Appl Physiol . 2001 ; 91 ( 6 ): 2628 – 2634 . PubMed

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Peter Francis, Kay Gray and Nic Perrem

limb was aligned over that of the dominant limb. From this position and with the use of a goniometer, the nondominant hip (hip to be tested) was placed into 10° of extension in order to best isolate the hip abductors and limit torque generation from anterior muscles, such as the quadriceps femoris

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Francesca Genoese, Shelby Baez and Johanna M. Hoch

isometric quadriceps femoris muscle contraction, squatting, stair climbing, kneeling, or prolonged sitting. Exclusion: History of patellar dislocation, knee surgery over the past 2 years, malignancy, systemic arthritis, musculoskeletal or neurologic lower extremity involvement that interfered with physical

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Paula Chaves, Daniela Simões, Maria Paço, Sandra Silva, Francisco Pinho, José Alberto Duarte and Fernando Ribeiro

, Sandhu JS. Peak torque and IEMG activity of quadriceps femoris muscle at three different knee angles in a collegiate population . J Exerc Sci Fitness . 2011 ; 9 ( 1 ): 40 – 45 . doi: 10.1016/S1728-869X(11)60005-1 45. Kendall FP , McCreary EK , Provance PG , Rodgers MM , Romani WA

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Yuya Ueda, Takehiko Matsushita, Yohei Shibata, Kohei Takiguchi, Akihiro Kida, Daisuke Araki, Noriyuki Kanzaki, Yuichi Hoshino, Rei Ono, Yoshitada Sakai and Ryosuke Kuroda

quadriceps femoris strength asymmetry on functional performance at return to sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction . J Orthop Sports Phys Ther . 2012 ; 42 ( 9 ): 750 – 759 . PubMed ID: 22813542 doi: 10.2519/jospt.2012.4194 22813542 8. Xergia SA , Pappas E , Georgoulis AD

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Komeil Dashti Rostami, Aynollah Naderi and Abbey Thomas

. PubMed ID: 16721346 doi:10.1097/01.blo.0000223977.98712.30 10.1097/01.blo.0000223977.98712.30 16721346 9. Snyder-Mackler L , De Luca PF , Williams PR , Eastlack ME , Bartolozzi AR . Reflex inhibition of the quadriceps femoris muscle after injury or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate

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Lütfiye Akkurt, İpek Alemdaroğlu Gürbüz, Ayşe Karaduman and Öznur Tunca Yilmaz

are engaged in functions that require performance. The quadriceps femoris muscle has a higher force production ability and the hamstrings have a higher excursion ability. Although plantar flexors are responsible for producing force, dorsiflexors are more responsible for excursion. By contrast, Kellis

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Akihiro Tamura, Kiyokazu Akasaka and Takahiro Otsudo

researchers have reported that knee and hip motion were the primary shock absorbers during landings. 10 , 13 , 25 Some reports have indicated that the knee extensors were the most important impact absorbers of the lower-extremity. 10 , 11 , 13 Typically in muscle kinematics, the gluteals, quadriceps femoris

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Lucinda E. Bouillon, Michael Hofener, Andrew O’Donnel, Amanda Milligan and Craig Obrock

surface . J Orthop Sports Phys Ther . 2010 ; 40 : 369 – 375 . PubMed ID: 20511695 doi: 10.2519/jospt.2010.3211 20511695 10. Youdas J , Hollman J , Hitchcock J , Hoyme G , Johnsen J . Comparison of hamstring and quadriceps femoris electromyographic activity between men and women during a

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Stephan R. Fisher, Justin H. Rigby, Joni A. Mettler and Kevin W. McCurdy

, OH). One super-pulsed infrared 905-nm laser, dose = 0.375 J; 4 red LEDS, dose = 4.5 J; 4 infrared LEDs, dose = 5.25 J; total dose per site = 39.37 J; irradiation time per site = 300 s; applied to 6 sites of quadriceps femoris. Eccentric exercise protocol : On Biodex Systems 4 Pro isokinetic