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Belinda R. Beck

Puberty ensues when marked alterations in circulating hormones in childhood stimulate dramatic physical and physiological transformations. It is, therefore, small wonder that the body can be observed to respond differently to certain stimuli according to the timing of the provocation in relation to

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Paul E. Yeatts, Ronald Davis, Jun Oh and Gwang-Yon Hwang

-efficacy is military service members ( Jeffress & Brown, 2017 ). Sport participation can be utilized to help this population reintegrate into society following combat, especially among those who have sustained injuries. However, wounded veterans may not respond positively to a physical activity program if

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Gashaw Abeza, Norm O’Reilly, Kyle Kashuck, Joshua Law and Alexandra Speck

adopted by ASU (e.g., a donation with ticket purchase) affect stadium attendance? Would you maintain this approach or explore a different one? Explain why. 5. What are the short-and long-term implications of mandatory athletics fees? 6. How would you advise the Athletic Director to respond to students who

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Colin G. Pennington, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and Stefanie A. Wind

research conducted on age outside sport pedagogy to date suggests that the sociological perspective is the more likely explanation for how children and youth respond to older and younger physical educators. This research indicates that adults, adolescents, and children generally prefer the features of

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Liam Kennedy, Derek Silva, Madelaine Coelho and William Cipolli III

” social solidarity following tragedies. Few researchers have focused on how communities respond to sporting tragedies. In her analysis of events following the September 11th attacks, for instance, McDonald ( 2005 ) argues that sporting narratives and images work within a global neo-liberal marketplace

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Athanasios Papaioannou, Dimitrios Milosis and Christos Gotzaridis

classes, and he answered any questions raised by the students. Afterward, the questionnaires were completed three more times, after the first, third, and fifth PE lessons during the final 10–12 min of each class. The students responded to the items on the two questionnaires using 5-point Likert scales (5

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Laura J. Petranek, Nicole D. Bolter and Ken Bell

attentional focused instructions or feedback provided. This was followed by the knowledge pretest; participants were asked to respond using paper and pencil to four questions that were read aloud by the physical education instructor. After both pretests, participants watched a video of their physical

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Romana Puchegger and Toni Bruce

? Think about the forming, storming, norming, and performing processes.” He told the first author, “It is so hard not to step in.” The process of observing his students appeared quite difficult for him because he wanted to start the game. The students responded positively to Joey’s style of teaching, so

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Carrie LeCrom, Brendan Dwyer, Gregory Greenhalgh, Chad Goebert and Jennifer Gellock

-ended (quantitative) questions. At the conclusion of each in-country day (excluding travel days at the front and back end), participants were asked to respond to an open-ended prompt. This form of reflective journaling was selected as it has found success in terms of producing rich understanding of experiences

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Nicolas Pontes, Vivian Pontes, Hyun Seung Jin and Chris Mahar

this study, participants additionally responded to three items taken from Speed and Thompson ( 2000 ) to measure sponsor sincerity: “The main reason [Sponsor brand] would be involved with the Maroons is because [Sponsor brand] believes the team deserves support,” “[Sponsor brand] would be likely to