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Laura St. Germain, Amanda M. Rymal and David J. Hancock

 al., 2011 ). Additional participant comments related to self-efficacy beliefs, causal attributions, goal setting, and self-evaluation ( Ste-Marie et al., 2011 ). Other research showing the positive effects of observation on skill acquisition and performance enhancement exists in volleyball ( Barzouka

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Yara Fidelix, Mara C. Lofrano-Prado, Leonardo S. Fortes, James O. Hill, Ann E. Caldwell, João P. Botero and Wagner L. do Prado

. Manual for the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (“Self-Evaluation Questionnaire”) . Palo Alto, CA : Consulting Psychologist Press ; 1970 . 24. Mannan M , Mamun A , Doi S , Clavarino A . Prospective associations between depression and obesity for adolescent males and females—a systematic

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Jenny H. Conviser, Amanda Schlitzer Tierney and Riley Nickols

regulation skills, behavioral modification, cognitive restructuring, healthy self-evaluation, and adaptive coping skills. Interventions are most effective when they empower change and best fit the athlete’s self-identified needs and values ( Touyz & Hay, 2015 ) in the context of a well-coordinated, engaged

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Laura J. McGowan, Rachael Powell and David P. French

. . . . But I don’t assume that infirmity is an inevitable consequence of old age . . . it doesn’t occur to me that I can’t do things, but that’s me personally. (Sylvia, 65 [1]) This difference in perceived control over the impact of aging could stem from individuals’ self-evaluations. Some participants

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Marcelo Eduardo de Souza Nunes, Umberto Cesar Correa, Marina Gusman Thomazi Xavier de Souza, Luciano Basso, Daniel Boari Coelho and Suely Santos

relating to the proposition that aging-related changes affect older adults’ capacity for self-evaluation, perception of the degree of discrepancy between the movement performed and that desired, and interpretation and use of feedback ( Miller & West, 2010 ). In spite of the performance of older adults

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Lindsay E. Kipp, Nicole D. Bolter and Alison Phillips Reichter

climate profile, girls’ perceived ability, global self-evaluations, and eating attitudes and behaviors were explained by pubertal status. Postpubertal girls reported lower sport competence and self-esteem and higher dieting compared with prepubertal girls. Standardized discriminant function coefficients

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Amy Rauer and Lyndsey M. Hornbuckle

spouses’ perceptions of exercise to ensure that our cases-to-parameters ratio was within the acceptable range ( Kline, 2005 ). Thus, the first model explored the contributions of the husbands’ and wives’ self-evaluations of physical fitness to couples’ observed warmth, negativity, and problem

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Charity B. Breneman, Christopher E. Kline, Delia West, Xuemei Sui and Xuewen Wang

ethnicity . Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 12 , 169 – 182 . PubMed ID: 23574553 doi:10.1080/15402002.2013.778202 10.1080/15402002.2013.778202 Urponen , H. , Vuori , I. , Hasan , J. , & Partinen , M. ( 1988 ). Self-evaluations of factors promoting and disturbing sleep: An epidemiological survey in

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Carol M. Vos, Denise M. Saint Arnault, Laura M. Struble, Nancy A. Gallagher and Janet L. Larson

better about themselves and can serve as a means of self-evaluation and self-enhancement to promote self-esteem. Downward social comparisons may have a negative effect on health behaviors, such as PA, by providing false assurance that PA levels are adequate. This could serve as a barrier to the adoption

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Niek Pot, Margaret E. Whitehead and Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers

be paid to such areas as devolving responsibility to the learners, helping them to appreciate the nature of movement, and supporting them in developing self-evaluation skills to reflect on their progress and set their own goals. Clusters of demands such as these have the potential to provide