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R.L. Caughron

“Greatest Ever: Eternity, Forgetting, and Obsolescence,” is a discussion of how we as both sport fans and the media in particular seem to build up our heroes, tear them down, and then forget them (except for a few). Grano does a great job of analyzing the phenomenal Usain Bolt and his amazing dominance of

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Jueyin Zheng

, making it the home of the NFL in China. Tencent and NFL China’s digital platforms play different roles in a fan’s journey. We are looking to leverage Tencent’s position as the top digital platform among general sport fans and use their promotional resources to reach a broader potential target audience

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Elizabeth B. Delia

For many sport fans, identifying with a team presents the psychological benefit of a sense of belongingness and, thus, an enhanced sense of self ( Heere & James, 2007 ; Lock & Heere, 2017 ). Rooted in social identity theory ( Tajfel & Turner, 1979 ), the psychological benefits of team

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Brendan Dwyer, Joshua M. Lupinek and Rebecca M. Achen

( 2011 ) underscored a particular need for engagement in North American spectator sport, and Sveinson and Hoeber ( 2016 ) called for additional research on the experiences of female sport fans. One method for better understanding this segment’s needs and wants is to explore consumer motives ( Funk

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Dustin A. Hahn, Matthew S. VanDyke and R. Glenn Cummins

metrics ( Hughes, 2013 ; Tuggle, 2000 ), quantitative measures of athlete performance are of increasing interest among many viewers ( Woltman, 2014 ). While Farquhar and Meeds ( 2007 ) suggested that certain highly motivated sport fans in fantasy leagues are likely very interested in quantitative

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Joseph H. Moore

(active or passive, avid or casual fan) affects how much information is retained. To answer these questions, the current study focused on sport journalism because sport fans are such voracious news consumers. Sporting News Media, Kantar Media Sports, and TV Sports Markets ( 2014 ) reported that 70% of the

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Velina B. Brackebusch

number of corporations who view sport organizations as viable “vehicles to achieve their own social and commercial ends” and illustrate it through examples of team and individual sport fans’ emotional attachments (p. 91). Chapters 8, “Community Sport Event Management”; 10, “Managing Community Sport and

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Ju Young Lee

usage in Berlin during the 2014 World Cup Final). The power incorporated in intangible values among sport fans (in psychological attachment, e.g.) is illustrated, and the author presents a brief introduction to the history of sport economics research, which is particularly informative. The second

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Emily M. Newell

, this chapter wisely looks at how constantly changing technology shapes the sport-media industry. The book then shifts to more sociological concepts in sport, with a grouping of chapters that cover sport-fan cultures, sport and mythology, gender in sport, race and ethnicity in sport, politics and

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Wonseok Jang, Yong Jae Ko, Daniel L. Wann and Daehwan Kim

sport spectatorship on happiness. For example, Hallmann et al. ( 2013 ) found that German sport fans reported greater feelings of pride and happiness when their national team won a tournament at an international competition. Furthermore, they found that the increased levels of pride and happiness were