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Jenna Hussey, Robert Weinberg and Arash Assar

(good or bad) through mindfulness may help the athlete maintain strong attentional regulation to help focus on task-relevant cues ( Bishop et al., 2004 ). Because the aim of this study was to examine the impact of a sport-specific mindfulness intervention program in reducing the choking susceptibility

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Zachary Y. Kerr, Susan W. Yeargin, Yuri Hosokawa, Rebecca M. Hirschhorn, Lauren A. Pierpoint and Douglas J. Casa

in the incidence of EHI, coupled with sport-specific variations in management, may highlight the need for region- and sport-specific EHI prevention guidelines. Acknowledgments No funding was provided for this study. However, HS RIO was funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Peter Peeling, Martyn J. Binnie, Paul S.R. Goods, Marc Sim and Louise M. Burke

Numerous factors contribute to peak athletic performance. Among these, a strong foundation in physical conditioning and sport-specific experience, in addition to a bespoke and periodized training and nutrition program, the latter based predominately from whole food choices, are essential. Once

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Kari Roethlisberger, Vista Beasley, Jeffrey Martin, Brigid Byrd, Krista Munroe-Chandler and Irene Muir

may be more committed and enjoy sport if significant others (i.e., parents, teammates, siblings) are perceived to possess pro-feminine gender activity stereotype beliefs about the sport. In brief, there is a need to identify sport-specific predictors of girls’ sport commitment and sport enjoyment

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Bradley Donohue, Marina Galante, Julia Maietta, Bern Lee, Nina Paul, Joanne E. Perry, Arianna Corey and Daniel N. Allen

-focused mental health assessment needs ( Comeaux, Bachman, Burton, & Aliyeva, 2017 ; Donohue et al., 2014 ; Etzel & Watson, 2007 ), warranting development of sport-specific psychometrically validated mental health screening tools, such as the Athlete Psychological Strain Questionnaire ( Rice et al., 2019

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Darren Steeves, Leo J. Thornley, Joshua A. Goreham, Matthew J. Jordan, Scott C. Landry and Jonathon R. Fowles

confers a long lever arm around which rotation can occur and against which muscles can be stabilized as they contract. 11 , 12 Trunk strength is important in athletic performance, and strong evidence exists linking isometric strength to dynamic sport-specific performance. 13 – 15 Blazevich 16 points to

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Sabrina Skorski, Iñigo Mujika, Laurent Bosquet, Romain Meeusen, Aaron J. Coutts and Tim Meyer

training are considered beneficial, as they can facilitate an athlete’s readiness for further training or competition. Planning and implementation of specific recovery interventions to improve sport-specific performance recovery can be complex. As outlined previously, a myriad of physiological systems are

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Claire-Marie Roberts

state anxiety. Although the breadth of sport psychology interventions for the management of precompetitive state anxiety is well-documented, understanding the personal and sport-specific variables associated with the individual’s competitive state anxiety is of fundamental importance to ensure that the

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Daniel Birrer

triggers ( Meeusen et al., 2013 ). Because overtraining is a phenomenon of excessive sporting behavior, the most certain trigger is a training-recovery miscalculation together with other sport-specific causes (see Table  2 ). However, as shown in Table  2 , the apparent multifactorial etiology of NFOR and

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Gretchen D. Oliver, Jessica K. Washington, Sarah S. Gascon, Hillary A. Plummer, Rafael F. Escamilla and James R. Andrews

generalizable across all overhead-throwing athletes. The fatiguing protocol may not have been sport-specific enough or taxing enough on the hip abductors to elicit differences in overhead-throwing kinematics to elicit differences. The fatiguing protocol examined was selected because it could be standardized