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Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos, Celina Shirazipour and Krystn Orr

education specialists, peer tutors, and teacher aides. Chapter 38 examines the growing evidence regarding an increasingly prominent population within the realm of disability sport and exercise: military service members and veterans with physical and mental illnesses and injuries. A key benefit of this

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Matt Hoffmann, Todd Loughead and Jeffrey Caron

views of all athletes who assume the role of peer mentor, we forward some practical implications that might be considered by practitioners (i.e., coaches, sport psychology professionals) interested in facilitating peer-mentoring relationships between veteran and less experienced athletes: • Discuss the

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Grant E. Norte, Jay N. Hertel, Susan A. Saliba, David R. Diduch and Joseph M. Hart

McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index 15 were used to quantify regional knee function. The Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia 16 and Veteran’s RAND 12-Item Health Survey 17 were used to quantify psychological function. The Tegner activity scale 18 and Godin leisure-time exercise questionnaire 19 were

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John J. Fraser and Jay Hertel

.3 (1.9) 0.5 (1.0) .24 Veterans RAND 12-Item Health Survey  Physical composite (T) score 56.4 (3.4) 57.7 (2.2) .27  Mental health composite (T) score 48.2 (0.9) 48.3 (1.1) .92 Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire 75.7 (27.4) 79.7 (27.2) .73 Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia 14.9 (3.2) 15.8 (4.0) .54

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Hans C. Rasmussen

Even among whites the contrast between civilization and barbarism implied by the traditional sides exerted its spell over the players’ personalities. Henry Prevost, a raquette veteran, recalled that La Ville attracted “a better element—clerks, office men and some workingmen. The Bayous were of the

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Leslee A. Fisher

Activity Journal, 27 , 136 – 140 . 10.1123/wspaj.2019-0030 McIntyre , D. ( July 7 , 2019 ). What does the future hold for USWNT coach Jill Ellis after World Cup? Yahoo Sports . Retrieved from

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Nattai R. Borges, Aaron T. Scanlan, Peter R. Reaburn and Thomas M. Doering

. Fell J , Reaburn P , Harrison G. Altered perception and report of fatigue and recovery in veteran athletes . J Sports Med Phys Fitness . 2008 ; 48 ( 2 ): 272 . PubMed ID: 18427425 18427425 6. Borges NR , Reaburn PR , Doering TM , Argus CK , Driller MW . Age-related changes

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Werner F. Helsen, Nikola Medic, Janet L. Starkes and Andrew M. Williams

, & Abernethy, 2006 ), figure skating ( Baker et al., 2014 ), and taekwondo ( Albuquerque et al., 2012 ); however, in gymnastics, the advantage is reversed to those born later rather than earlier in the selection year ( Baker et al., 2014 ). Age categories exist within veteran or Masters-level sports and are

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Pedro L. Valenzuela, Javier S. Morales, Carl Foster, Alejandro Lucia and Pedro de la Villa

correlation and no significant differences were found between the mean power during a 30-minute time trial and the LT determined with the Dmax method in trained veteran cyclists. 15 Alternative field tests have been proposed for the indirect determination of the LT. 16 – 18 For instance, it has been found

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Danielle Rousseau, Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit and Mark Lilly

instead on the internal experience of the student. The text Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans , defines trauma-informed yoga as yoga “based on a particular understanding of trauma, one that emphasizes its impact on the entire mind-body system, as opposed to particular mental states (e