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You Fu and Ryan D. Burns

.1177/1059840509351020 19850952 19. Meredith MD , Welk GJ . Fitnessgram/Actvitygram Test Administration Manual . 4th ed. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics ; 2010 . 20. Schneider PL , Crouter SE , Lukajic O , Bassett DR . Accuracy and reliability of 10 pedometers for measuring steps over a 400-m walk . Med

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Ryan M. Hulteen, Lisa M. Barnett, Philip J. Morgan, Leah E. Robinson, Christian J. Barton, Brian H. Wrotniak and David R. Lubans

( Francis & Feinstein, 1991 ). The back-saver sit and reach was completed according to FitnessGram (Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX) protocol using a trunk flexibility test (Model no. PEO41; Sportime Ltd, Wisconsin, USA). One measurement was taken on the left and right leg. A mean of the two results was

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Ryan D. Burns, Youngwon Kim, Wonwoo Byun and Timothy A. Brusseau

20581716 23. Meredith MD , Welk GJ . Fitnessgram/Actvitygram Test Administration Manual . 4th ed. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics ; 2010 : 6.3 – 8.40 . 24. Mahar MT , Welk GJ , Rowe DA . Estimation of aerobic fitness from PACER performance with and without body mass index . Meas Phys

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Grant R. Tomkinson, Justin J. Lang, Joel Blanchard, Luc A. Léger and Mark S. Tremblay

), which starts at a speed of 8.5 km/h and increases in speed by 0.5 km/h each minute. (2) The Eurofit ( 41 ), the FitnessGram ® ( 125 ), the Australian Sports Commission ( 10 ), and the British National Coaching Foundation ( 21 ) protocols, among others. In this protocol, participants start at a speed of

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Chun-Hao Wang and Kuo-Cheng Tu

the progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run (PACER) test in Fitnessgram , which has high validity and reliability in field examinations of physical fitness for healthy young adults and athletes ( Hillman, Castelli, & Buck, 2005 ; Léger, Mercier, Gadoury, & Lambert, 1988 ; Welk, Morrow

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Hannah R. Thompson, Bhaani K. Singh, Annie Reed, Robert García, Monica Lounsbery, Benjamin D. Winig and Kristine A. Madsen

only. c Average percent among elementary schools within districts; means are weighted by district, so differ slightly from means presented in elementary schools section, which are taken across all schools. d The statewide fitness test, the FITNESSGRAM, uses healthy fitness zones to evaluate fitness

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Christine Galvan, Karen Meaney and Virginia Gray

training program on cardiorespiratory endurance. The preservice teachers used the FITNESSGRAM one-mile run test to measure cardiorespiratory endurance. All preservice teachers were trained on test protocol. The one-mile run test was administered at the request of the site directors who surveyed

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Bareket Falk, Panagiota Klentrou, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Rowland and Han C.G. Kemper

flexibility, speed, endurance, and strength ( 1 ). A similar approach is used in the North American FitnessGram. Many of these and later batteries implement field tests, such as the 20-m shuttle run test developed for children ( 60 ) to predict maximal oxygen uptake or other fitness components. These tests

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Angus A. Leahy, Narelle Eather, Jordan J. Smith, Charles H. Hillman, Philip J. Morgan, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Michael Nilsson, Sarah A. Costigan, Michael Noetel and David R. Lubans

difficulties questionnaire in Australia . Aust Psych . 2005 ; 40 ( 3 ): 215 – 22 . doi:10.1080/00050060500243475 10.1080/00050060500243475 30. Meredith MD , Welk GJ . FitnessGram and ActivityGram Test Administration Manual . Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics ; 2010 . 31. Naylor PJ , Nettlefold L

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Dylan O. Blain, Thomas Curran and Martyn Standage

the assessment of plank torso strength ( Boyer et al., 2013 ). Cardiorespiratory fitness was assessed using the Fitnessgram 20-m progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run ( Meredith & Welk, 2010 ). Finally, body composition was assessed using body mass index (height and weight; Canadian