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Mathew Hillier, Louise Sutton, Lewis James, Dara Mojtahedi, Nicola Keay and Karen Hind

Thai fight in 2017. Despite growing concerns, published data on the extent of RWL in MMA remain scant. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to provide robust data on the prevalence, magnitude, methods, and influencers of gradual and RWL in professional and amateur MMA athletes. Methods Participants

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Matthew R. Hodler

swimming shifted in the last decades of the twentieth century. I use Michael Phelps’s status as a professional swimmer who swims in the Olympics Games, long a bulwark of an amateur ideology that “presents itself to be a purer, more wholesome, more traditional version of sport than the more common, rival

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Jordan D. Herbison, Luc J. Martin and Mustafa Sarkar

, Bucciarelli, & Vlahov, 2007 ). Transition phases during an athlete’s career represent inevitable experiences that may be perceived as adversity, with those that are predictable being considered normative transitions. For instance, the transition from amateur to professional sport is unrealistic for most

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Erin E. Redihan

sport, as the US government shifted its focus from promoting mass participation in athletics to focusing more closely on amateur elites. In serving as president during a critical juncture, 1974-1977, Gerald Ford proved himself to be a strong advocate for the Games and was proactive at a time when

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Kathleen E. Bachynski

face shields) were widely adopted to protect against injuries at both the amateur and professional levels of the sport. Helmets were ultimately mandated first for youth players and subsequently for NHL players, whereas goalies at all levels took up face masks. Drawing on newspaper accounts, medical

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Felipe García-Pinillos, Carlos Lago-Fuentes, Pedro A. Latorre-Román, Antonio Pantoja-Vallejo and Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo

positive effects of PT on endurance runners, 1 , 4 , 14 more than 70% of amateur endurance runners included only continuous run during warm-ups, using low-intensity running as the most common strategy. 7 Related to this, running exposure has been strongly correlated with overuse injuries in endurance

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Jorge López-Fernández, Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Jorge García-Unanue, José Luis Felipe, Enrique Colino and Leonor Gallardo

variables during the SSP. For these reasons, the aim of this research was to analyze the influence of the game surface on amateur soccer players physical and physiological responses using the SSP. Previous studies used AT systems that complied with FIFA standards, 6 , 8 but they did not report the

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Pooja Somasundaram and Alexandra M. Burgess

elite athletes. Limited research has focused on eating pathology among division three collegiate female athletes, a group which merits attention given that the majority of female athletes are competing at an amateur level ( DiBartolo & Shaffer, 2002 ). Understanding the processes involved in the